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cad789 - #170 - for Lisk Security and Social Funding

Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:08 am


My delegate cad789 is now changed into a pool with 50% payout to the voters. First payout after one week of cad789 forging again and then each week. The payout percentages will be adapted in future when necessary. Thanks very much for all your votes! They are very appreciated!

Hi, my name is Ric and I'm working as a consultant for businesses and individuals since the early days of world wide web (about 1994) as one of its pioneers.

I have a strong interest in security / stability and social funding:
My Lisk nodes are therefore hosted by best providers worldwide with best locations and best in class Cloud Hosting Solutions.
The capacities are adaptable as needed (specifications see below) and specifications can be changed quite on the fly.

Seeing the potential of LISK, Blockchain Apps and IoT (Internet of Things) and feeling the vibrating joy and anticipation of the Lisk community here and offline remembering the exciting days when the world wide web started I try to be a member of the forging nodes while consulting people about Lisk, Blockchain App possibilities and other Lisk related projects in English, German and French. For me the European Market and new non-english speaking Liskers are very important, too. So much of my activity will also be in German and French.

Server Specifications

The MAINNET servers (main and securing backup servers) offers up to 40 CPU cores and 128GB RAM. SSD up to 5 TB and best in class Cloud Hosting Solution. They have up to 40GigE Networking and are located in high security datacenters. Some of them are interconnected via Equinix Cloud Exchange maintaining secure direct connections via fiber glass optic backbone that bypass the Internet to ensure guaranteed data transmission, security and excellent performance.

The infrastructure is Environmentally-Friendly, following the idea of Lisk's system of DPoS instead of Proof of Work (PoW), which consumes high amounts of energy. The Cloud Datacenters are also used by some big Banks in means that they offer highest level of data security.
Multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges and Tier 1 carriers ensure fast server access from every point of the planet.

The server locations are distributed over the world and the servers are on different networks.

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

Depending on future values of LSK. The amount needed for high availability, high performance infrastructure, maintenance expenses and future upgrades and personal costs will varie but my working time and the forged LSK will be part of my daily living.

An important part of LSK forged while being one of the 101 main servers will be used to fund Blockchain App Developers with interesting projects needing the money the most and / or living in countries where also investing in young developers could be useful (Social Blockchain App Developer Funding).
Some funds will be reserved for other valuable Lisk related projects.

My promotion for Lisk, Lisk Apps and Lisk Projects:
There are and will be different Pages, Chanels, Groups etc. for distributing and publishing Lisk related informations to and between "experts" and also to the people very needed for the success of Lisk: The common user who (only) uses LSK or Lisk Blockchain Apps.

Already in use are:

- pointing at
where LISK App Devs can promote their Blockchain Apps (posted articles will be checked and have to be accepted before they will be published)

a* Chanel for Lisk and Lisk Business
--> Please JOIN

a* Chanel about Lisk Projects and Blockchain Apps
--> Please JOIN

a* Chanel about Lisk Rewards, Bounties, Faucets, Pools
--> Please JOIN

a* Chanel about Lisk Security
--> Please JOIN

and a

Closed Group for (future core) Lisk Devs (now maximal 200 - later maximal 5000). Please PM to CryptoAdvisor on Lisk Chat to receive joining link :-)

Closed Group about Lisk Capital (now maximal 200 - later maximal 5000). Please PM to CryptoAdvisor on Lisk Chat to receive joining link :-)

There are several others in development including one closed group for Social Funding - stay tuned please.

* has been selected because of security, the multiple possibilities including the possibility to send large documents and the availability of desktop client.

Ending Statement

I want to support people in need of support and I'm also one of the first forgers since the first Lisk testnet and I know how to securely and reliably maintain Lisk nodes.

Contact Details

Lisk Chat: CryptoAdvisor-cad789
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Re: cad789 - #170 - for Lisk Security and Social Funding

Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:03 pm

Thank you for participating on our Delegate Campaign!

Your proposal has qualified for the reimbursement of your Delegate registration and the 25 LSK bonus! Additionally, the proposal is under review and eligible for the contest in which the top three proposals will receive 5,000 LSK while the follow up ten proposals will receive 1,000 LSK! Throughout the time period of the contest, proposals may be upgraded and improved for better chances to win.

May the best proposal win!
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