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Phoenix1969's Delegate Oath & Transparency Report

Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:53 am

My current offerings: ... a handy site with lisk links
MainNet: COMMUNITY API 18gb vps 3.3ghz quadcore
Testnet: COMMUNITY API https COMMUNITY API http Phoenix1969 pool site

and ofc my forging server is a dedicated hardware high-end beast with a secret domain :geek:

Donations since forging began: community fund.........2016/12/05 500 lsk's Liskak interface. 2016/12/05 440 lsk's Monitoring scripts.........2016/12/10 500 lsk's wand..........................2016/12/12 500 lsk's many works...2016/12/12 500 lsk donation increase......2016/12/12 251 lsk 900 lsk Community Fund..........2016/12/29 500 lsk Community Fund..........2017/01/04 500 lsk Lisk Romania Initiative Fund....2017/01/17 500 lsk Bitbanksy Banner Campaign 2017/01/24 1000 lsk Lisk_awareness campaign.........2017/01/28 1200 lsk AD Blitz (banksy)........................2017/02/14 500 lsk

My donations to Lisk Elite pool voters and Lisk project fund: 2017/05/24 882 2017/05/31 882 2017/06/07 882 2017/06/15 882 2017/06/20 882 2017/06/29 882 2017/07/06 882 2017/07/13 882 2017/07/20 882 2017/07/27 882 2017/08/03 882 2017/08/10 882 2017/09/21 882 2017/09/21 882 2017/010/12 882 2017/10/19 882
*I stopped recording these, rest assure these weekly payments are viewable on the blockchain
new weekly support donations to elite voting pool are 706 a week since reward drop

dropped from 101, upped offer to 45+5 (added 20% to my offer then began forging a week later) 2017/08/24 695 lsk (50% of forged lisk) 2017/08/31 1529 lsk(50% of forged lisk)

at which time voter/lisker platinumestates reportedto me an issue with pool not paying the increased amount and I rewarded him: Pool Bug Bounty.............2017/09/07 100 lsk

Then found a solution with karek's opensource software (thepool) and he helped guide me so he deserved a donation: ThePool donation............2017/09/07 200 lsk

Resumption of the normal 882 elite pool payout format so they can handle the normal amount to verify: 882

From now on, pool script will execute the extra 20% direct to voters above and beyond the 25% you will be recieving from Elite rewards.

3 tx totaling 1000 lisk to my newsletter signup campaign just for peeps to sighn up for the lisk newsletter:
chevas 600
donyo 250
bo0da 150
and 1200 lisk to my BCT sig campaign listed below

Lisk Awareness signature campaign birth transactions
The original address before creating the signature account is 6641060588331634471L
The new Lisk Awareness escrow group multisig account is 5314981763917565789L my tx to original LAI account ondin's donation forward refund to to onden for the LAI from my personal forging account. onden to new LAI escrow multisig account old LAI account to new multisig account 0.2 lsk to replace tx fees.
This makes a total of 1200 lisk from my personal account, and 200 from ondin, 1st donor, to the fund.

Collected donations for the campaign:
Isabella            4000
Bitbanksy         1500
sgdias             1456
iii.element.iii   1200
Phoenix1969   1200
cointrader83   1001
malreynolds    1000
staticinstance  1000
someonesomeone 600
samuray         550
liskgate          500
redsn0w         300
ntelo              500.1
lamar             500
sherwood        500         mystery participant thought to be Robinhood pool
gr33ndrag0n   500
atreides          500
goldeneye       400
mrgr               400
polycrypto       360
movecrypto     350
qbanow           350
cc001             300
eastwind_ja    300
bioly               300
eclipsun          300
digitron           300
odsejen           300
badman           300
cad789            250
corsaro            250
grajson            250
metal494_new 243
splatters     200.66
tembo              200
gregorst           200
forrest              200
phinx               200
bigfisher           200
liskjp               200
ondin               200   200.1
jan                  200
Joel                 200
rooney             200
traderbill          165
gordo              150.1
djselery           100.1
hagie               100
litcoincollector  100
24,776.06 for this campaign.

Current Banner ad Campaign:
winner was E1337 took all 3 prizes totaling 225 lisk

Phase2 Phoenix-Elite Giveaway
1: TV user rawr 20
2: TV user Voluntarist007 20
3: user Nimbus76 20
4. BCT user burns77 20
5. Cryptoman on Twitter 20
6. TV user vigilo 10
7. TV user x 10
8. user rickster 10
9. user lisk.investor 10
10 user maximus 10
11. TV user Kristarling 10
12 BCT user Superjedi 10
13 TV user malimjee39 10
14 user slynskie 10
15 user vlay 10
16 BCT user Bobbie21 10
17 BCT user Blacksky 10
18 TV user YordiDeKleijn 10
19 TV user Dmo 10 *tx issue unresolved but user passed on reward so another given out , number 20
20 TV user rikanio 10
21 BCT user clip123 10
22 TV user malimjee39 10
23 user gargamyle 10
24 user platinumeastates2.0 10
25 user crosssy 10
26 user vlay 10
27 user crosssy win2x 10
28 uservTheBlaineMono 10
29 user gargmyle 2x 20
30 user linkoz 20
31 user jedley 10
32 user einstein 10
33 TV user sloblo 10
34 10
35 10
36 10
37 10
38 10
39 10
40 10
41 20
42 10
43 10
44 50 Berlin Meetup contest
45 10
46 bluedragon lisk value calculator
47 user goforlisk liskchat 5
48 raffle 111 lisk
49 gargamyle NYD 5
50 arca NYD 5
51 ninjabenja 5
52 tv user areay lost key burnt tx 5
53 areay resend 5
54 1.0 date contest via nightshift

Aloha from Eric, delegate Phoenix1969.
I provide performance nodes available for you to use for api calls, and for all your api and dapping needs.
You may direct any lisk data api calls to my secure public api's. They are lovingly monitored and maintained.
If voted in "The 101", I will "put in the hours" as they say... You can count on me to be here. If the Lisk value should happen to drop to a nickel, Phoenix will still be here.
All delegates and developers are welcome to use the domains for their api calls or even registration; They are there for YOU.

I'm a "True Believer" in redundancy, so both main-net and testnet both have backups running and syncing. Also, all the servers are spread out globally, to further de-centralize Lisk. I also use 2FA on everything. I consider security, and redundancy to be the two biggest areas of concern, followed by the pipeline(shear internet speed and latency).
I WILL NOT ABANDON TEST-NET. I consider Test-net a critical component for Lisk and Dapp development, and will continue to provide stable, secured nodes so the community can progress in a timely manner.
I also participated in the Lisk ALPHA-Testing group, where we pre-tested testnet releases.

On top of all this, I will be supporting various Lisk and Lisk-Dapp development projects with many forged lisk profits. Supporting projects, will be one of the biggest boosters for Lisk Community growth imo.
I will also remain an active entity for people seeking help or advice in the Lisk chat forum. If you PM me, I will surely answer when I see it. I do have and operate a farm, so I sometimes need to pry myself from the computer, but generally; nobody will be "iggy'd". I'm not professing to be perfect, I am Human; but my philosophy in life is to never stop trying to learn.
I live by the motto: Failure is never permanent unless you accept it.

I'm truly humbled, honored and excited to be a part of the Lisk Community, and rest assured; I'll be supporting, and "giving back" to the community if chosen to delegate on main-net. I consider delegation of a node to be a serious Job. All other considerations are secondary.
I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of you for voting for me!
It's been so much fun, and a true challenge at times!

Thank You!
Eric - Phoenix1969
Thank You for your consideration
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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:27 pm

+1 for Eric!

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:56 pm

Nice presentation. I appreciate your dedication in the Lisk project.
My candidature: viewtopic.php?t=368
My current rank: 117

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:03 am

+100 :)

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:11 am


This is what makes a great President. You don't have to be an ace dev, coder etc... you have to be committed and available. You can even be a UNIX beginner. It doesn't matter. The President is there to lead and make good decisions. The president has great advisors who are available to rely on for the deep technical stuff.

Mr President you have my vote, and I hope to have a seat somewhere in the cabinet.....

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:11 am

Hey, we agreed to swap votes. I voted for you with 220k+ lisks, but can not see that your voting adress 8088607490969282484L voted for me.

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:31 pm

one of the best delegate in the area, good luck Phoenix1969 :)
My Candidature : viewtopic.php?f=6&t=359

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