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Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:10 pm

Hi Everbody. I now SHARE 30% of my forging rewards distribuited for ALL VOTERS.

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This is your OPORTUNITY to increase your REVENUE.

Pool Policy:

- The maximum weight considered for a voter is 1 million Lisk, as an example: if a voter is voting with a weight of 2 million, his weight will be considered 1 million for the calculations.
- The 30% is distribuited between all voters proporsional to their voting weight (limited as mentioned above).
- Transaction fee is deducted from the payout balance.
- Payout once per week every Monday (is not so frequent so the fee overhead is minimized).
- 1 Lisk minimum balance for payout.

Important Note: Please be aware that in case of maintenance activities such as Lisk Node upgrade, Server reboot, etc. there is a chance I execute additional payouts in the middle of the week, this doesn't mean your total lisks received per week will change, it's just that is going to be split between more payouts. Considering these scenarios the best way to check your total lisks received per week is by checking the historical payment report for you account at pool's stats page.

You can follow up the stats here:

Up to 5% of forged Lisks will be donated to different Lisk initiatives for the ecosystem growth.
Check my past donations:

Check my delegate proposal:

Vote for sgdias!

Best Regards !

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