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"Chainmail", a Mail/messaging client

Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:22 am

- This is not specifically written for lisk, but maybe it is of use.
- I have no programming skills, so everything I write is pure theory.
- the mentioned tokens would be lisk, inthis case.

Proposal: "Chainmail", a Mail client linked to blockchain technology.

- Decentralized storage solutions similar to sia/… are used to store Mails, in addition to personal storage.

- Validation of the password is performed by the Blockchain

- PGP is built-in and mandatory, to a) protect the mail sender/recipient, but also b) the one storing the mails.

- Every account has a wallet linked to it

- To open an account, you need people to "vote" for you, or you have to pay for it, to prevent misuse

- To send a mail, you need to pay a small fee. This is a) used to prevent spam and b) to pay stakers/miners

- the sender, recipient and header of a mail are written in the blockchain, to have a proof that a mail has been sent. So, even if all copies are deleted before the recipient looks into his_her inbox, he_she is still informed that a mail has been sent and can ask the sender to resend it.

- The token that is used to keep the system going is a modified PoS token. Ideally, the amount is fixed and the system runs on fees alone.

- The amount of stake is not linked to the amount of tokens in a wallet, but to the size of storage one does provide. Fees are earned when the storage is actually used(ideally, this is the only way to earn, to prevent fraud by sending mails to oneself to create artificial traffic.)

- a built-in decentralized exchange is used to buy the required tokens for those who want to use the mail-client.


- how exactly does sending in and out of the chainmail-system work? especially, when somebody sends a mail into the system, how is it processed without fees involved?
- possible solution: all fees go into a pool and every transaction is payed out of this pool.

- A possible problem could be that spamming the network could dilute the amounts earned by stakers and could even be used as an attack.
- worst case is to create a closed network, that can only be used within itself

- can this be linked to already existing systems?

- how many mirrors/backups are needed to make sure that one can access his_her mails at any point and that deleting some of them does not result in actual loss of mails?

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Re: "Chainmail", a Mail/messaging client

Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:56 pm

Typically when a MTA/MDA software like Postfix receives a mail it will be stored in maildir/mbox format. I don't know how sia works but I suppose you can make an After-Queue content filter (can be as simple as a shell script), to do things like encryption, or email address -> lisk address/account mapping for each incoming email. Not sure how you can ask/educate a gmail sender about 'please pay xxx LISK to send email' either, theoretically if the mail has been encrypted, the recipient can pay some LISK and access/unlock it via a dapp (webmail).

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Re: "Chainmail", a Mail/messaging client

Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:06 am

Yeah, the sender part is a big problem, especially since it would be very easy to break the system from the outside. One possible solution could be, that adresses from outside the chainmail-system need to be whitelisted and only be allowed to send to the adresses whitelisting them…

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"Chainmail" a Mail/messaging client

Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:10 pm


Je suis sous Windows 10 et jutilise Thunderbird portable avec SUMO portable.

Je ne peux paramГ©trer SUMO pour quil ouvre mon client mail et quand je choisis Signaler un BГЄta rien ne souvre

Comment faire ?


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