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Budget Needed-Blockchain App that Makes Apps

Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:14 am

Hello Lisk community,

I need a capable Lisk developer to provide me with a rough budgetary quote for an idea I've been floating. In short, I think it would be very healthy for the Lisk ecosystem to have a freelancer-entrepreneur-connecting app on the blockchain. Something which lets entrepreneurs hire freelancers for small jobs such as graphic design, voiceover, animation, and small marketing jobs similar to what you'd see on Fiverr, as well as freelance developers that could write code for an entire app like you would see on Upwork.

In short, a blockchain app with the goal of enabling one to successfully create an entire blockchain app from start to finish.

Hypothesis: The type of person who is active within the Lisk community at this early stage is several times more of an entrepreneurial mindset than that of the general population, and is chock-full of two things: app and business ideas that they're sitting on, and loads of fresh crypto loot that they've just made from the latest pump or ICO.

As a rough roadmap, the product should have the following evolution:
1. A blockchain app which connects fiverr-esque freelancers with people willing to pay in the $5-200 range for doing small jobs (graphic design, voiceovers, digital marketing, animation).
2. A blockchain app which provides the above functionality and additionally connects capable Lisk and js developers with people willing to pay in the $1,000-$50,000 range for a fully functioning blockchain app.
3. A blockchain app which provides the above functionality and additionally holds ownership of the blockchain app's in a smart contract on the blockchain, allowing for partnership and revenue sharing (entrepreneur gives freelance coder revenue rather than payment).
4. A blockchain app which provides the above functionality and additionally provides crowdfunding functionality and distributed decision making and revenue sharing. Effectively, start with an idea with zero money and finish with a working product all within one app and ecosystem.

-Years of AI development later-

5. A blockchain app which aggregates raw market data and, using AI, autonomously crowdfunds and hires freelancers to create blockchain apps to serve hidden and obscure market needs that human intelligence is not capable of identifying. :D

Functionally, freelancers must be able to create pages for themselves advertising their abilities, with the capability to upload videos. There must be a review system for them as well.

All jobs must be on a smart contract who's terms can be negotiated between the entrepreneur and freelancer and must be ultimately approved by an escrow, who themselves would have their own pages showcasing their own reviews and their trustworthiness. The smart contract would have a "roadmap" with milestones which, when reached and approved by the escrow, would release funds in stages as negotiated by both parties.

Additionally, entrepreneurs should be able to create RFQ (Request for Quote) pages, similar to this post, in which freelancers can bid for a contract based on the roadmap shared.

Any thoughts? Pitfalls? Anyone want to take a stab at a budget for the first stage of the idea?

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Re: Budget Needed-Blockchain App that Makes Apps

Thu Jul 14, 2016 4:56 pm

I believe that fits into the context of a DAO. Maybe is already doing what you have in mind. When it is about hiring freelancers and contractors things always go in an unexpected direction, and all initial projections become outdated very quickly. With a DAO it should be arranged that partners can work, leave and replace themselves independently as a kind of module, which is different from a classical job role.

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Re: Budget Needed-Blockchain App that Makes Apps

Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:58 am

You can submit a proposal at
When we get enough votes we can help you to make it happen

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