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ATLASS - P2P Autonomous Transport and Storage

Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:46 pm

P2P Drone Delivery

Autonomous Transport - Land, Air, Sea, Space (ATLASS)


The dispatching system is a Dapp, a market place for matching vehicles to users.

Each vehicle can also be a Dapp with shareholders or shareholders owning a fleet of vehicles through a Dapp.

Vehicles are protected from theft and vandalism by users temporarily purchasing the vehicle with Dapp tokens for delivery and reselling it back to the Dapp or another user minus delivery fee after delivery is complete.

Service operators may purchase, refuel, recharge, and repair, and the resell vehicles into the transport network at a profit. Operators may also lease vehicles at a mark-up to users who can't or don't want to temporarily purchase vehicles for a delivery.

The vehicles are be open source design with standardized interfaces among parts, like PC computers, so anyone can build vehicles and sell them into the network.

The vehicles can be both wheeled autonomous vehicles, aerial drones, ships, and spacecraft. I would redesign the heavier than air drones to be vertical takeoff and landing with a lifting body for fast, efficient, horizontal flight.

Vehicles may be enhanced with custom modifications for specialized use cases and market differentiation.


  • Land
    • Wheeled
      • cargo vehicles - self driving, size to match cargo, direct P2P delivery
      • passenger vehicles - self driving, single, multi passenger
      • telepresence - semi-autonomous, remote viewing and control
    • Tracked
      • telepresence
      • construction
      • cargo
    • Ambulatory
      • telepresence
      • remote labor
      • search and rescue
  • Air
    • Lighter than Air
      • heavy cargo - long distance
      • drone carrier
      • communications platform
    • Heavier than Air
      • VTOL
        • telepresence
        • light cargo - shorter distance
      • winged
        • heavier cargo
        • higher efficiency
        • longer distance
        • high speed - hyper sonic possible
  • Sea
    • Surface
      • heavy, bulky cargo
      • submersible ROV carrier
    • Submersible
      • submarine
        • science
        • prospecting
        • ROV carrier
      • ROV
        • telepresence
        • labor
        • science
        • prospecting
    • Wing-in-Ground-Effect
      • high speed
      • efficient
      • cargo
      • passenger
    • Hovercraft
      • amphibious
      • shallow water
      • impervious to waterborne debris, submerged obstacles, aquatic weeds
      • lift independent of low and high speed travel
  • Space
    • cargo
    • telepresence
    • scientific
    • prospecting

Warehouse Storage:

Automated storage and retrieval is integrated into the P2P transportation network. A variety of standard container sizes are used to hold items in secure storage facilities. The robotic vehicles in the ATLASS network may deposit and retrieve containers from storage. Digital warehouse receipts are issued against deposits into storage. The warehouse receipts are fully transferable bearer instruments which may be redeemed for the stored items upon payment of the storage fees and transportation costs.


Vehicles which fall below specified performance may be purchased at a discount from the network, serviced to bring them back into compliance, and resold back into the network at a profit. The service may be as simple as recharging batteries to bring the units back up to full charge to complex repairs and upgrades.


Independent auditors purchase vehicles lacking certification or with expired certification at a discount, inspect and test them, and resell them at a premium as certified back into the network. Inspection, validation, and certification of inventory bailed into storage is also an opportunity for independent auditors.

Reputation Management:

An incentivized reputation system is included in the platform for users to review and rate vehicles, manufacturers, maintenance services, auditors, storage facilities, and fleet operators.

Use Cases:

Direct P2P transport using autonomous self piloting or driving vehicles enables:

  • low cost shipping directly from producer to consumer
  • reduced inventory with just-in-time frequent deliveries driven by demand
  • on-demand tool sharing
  • daily delivered fresh produce
  • elimination of excess packaging necessitated by handling and stacking of freight in large vehicles
  • greatly reduced labor costs
  • lighter, smaller vehicles from eliminating human occupancy
  • increased safety through the reduction of heavy vehicles from roads, airspace, and ports.

Global telepresence over a wide variety of vehicles and environments:

  • virtual tourism with immersive virtual reality
  • accessibility to travel for the disabled
  • on-demand 24/7 global pool of skilled labor to operate vehicles, machinery
  • teleconferencing with remote mobility
  • lighter, smaller vehicles from eliminating human occupancy
  • increased safety through the reduction of full size passenger vehicles from roads, airspace, and ports.

Collective Machine Learning and Data Acquisition:

  • freely accessible global 3D map updated in real time of the planetary surface, airspace, and outer space
  • guidance, navigation, and control all of the autonomous vehicles exponentially accelerated
  • bugs and adverse behavior of individual vehicles filtered out by consensus with other machines

Custom modifications to vehicles for specialized applications
  • vehicle operators increase value of their equipment and differentiate themselves in commodity market
  • users have access to vehicles equipped for specific tasks beyond simple transport
  • popular mods evolve into standard equipment
  • Examples:
    • 360 degree cameras and audio pickups for immersive virtual reality
    • sensors for wavelengths beyond visible range
    • Raman Spectroscopy for remote chemical analysis
    • Lidar and synthetic aperture Radar 3D mapping, even synthetic aperture lightfield cameras
    • sampling with onboard analysis - lab-on-a-chip
    • remote controlled and autonomous actuators to grip, machine, 3D print, assemble objects
    • swarming for fast, parallel operations, like construction.

Mesh networked communications
  • dedicated autonomous drone routers
  • incentivized by proof-of-resource tokens like rest of ATLASS
  • relays among vehicles
  • Delay and Disturbance Tolerant Networking (DTN)
  • store and forward packet routing
  • custodial data transfer between nodes
  • distributed data storage
  • decentralized cloud
  • secured by blockchain technology, like DNSchain

On-demand storage and retrieval of inventory
  • Producers deposit inventory into ATLASS storage in exchange for digital bearer receipts
  • receipts may be exchanged on decentralized market for other currencies and circulate as currencies backed by the inventory
  • receipts are redeemable at any time for inventory
  • receipt and subsequent chain of custody of an item by purely robotic handling and transport eliminates counterfeit goods
  • reputation management and ratings system along with independent certification option promotes quality and reliability

Development Plan

The first MVP is a simple Dapp to allow drone operators to allow supervised remote access to their vehicles over the internet. This is then extended to add more types of vehicles and robots in subsequent updates. The first fully autonomous operation will be launched with light-weight drones for virtual tourism and communications in remote areas with minimal habitation, followed by other types of robots. These are then integrated into carrier airships and surface ships for more widespread autonomous deployment. Expansion of ATLASS deployment increases as the preceding high bandwidth communications and energy infrastructure permits.

ATLASS Moves The World!
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Re: ATLASS - P2P Autonomous Transport and Storage

Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:05 pm

Reserved for Video Storyboard

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Re: ATLASS - P2P Autonomous Transport and Storage

Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:05 pm

Hello Mike

Good project, I would even say very good project. you had hit the mark.

at first sight it seems prodigious, but fully read your proposal, I was finding that you carefully study the subject, and display solution for every problem.

I am very convinced by the success your idea, and my imagination would not stop, thinking everything that involves such change on the global economy.

because you know better than me; that logistics is very important to get out of poverty. the current system enriched the rich; and impoverished the poor.

African pay its iPhone more expensive than the American; and receives much later. yes because life in a secluded location called.

this is why we still admiration for your efforts and support in case of need.

the situation has changed, now it is the ordinary people who imagine the world.

banker and oligarchs time is outdated.

good luck.
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Re: ATLASS - P2P Autonomous Transport and Storage

Sun May 01, 2016 7:44 pm

Thanks Dafricash! Yes, idea is to enable the P2P economy by shifting as much production and distribution to the personal and local level as possible, and eliminate the need for gateways and middlemen between producers and consumers.

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Re: ATLASS - P2P Autonomous Transport and Storage

Mon May 16, 2016 6:31 pm

Hello mike,

this project is stunning!

The name of the project was burning in my brain after reading first time. Very easy to spell and it's also very easy to keep it in mind.

The thinking behind this project is really visionary and could change the whole meanings of transportation and storage. Just thinking about these huge shipping departments with their customer bandwith.

It's not just a "no middlemen" project. No, i really believe that this could be a really big thing. Also thinking about the extreme polution caused by all these teuck around the world.

Changing the market to an autonmous mean of transport and storage will hit them in the right place.

If u need a german translator, jus let me know.

Good look

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Re: ATLASS - P2P Autonomous Transport and Storage

Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:32 am

Thanks for the compliments, Wolf. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, been focused more on testnet and delegates. It would be great to have you translate. Thanks for the offer. I'll be organizing and developing a plan to launch it starting as a testnet at some point so it can be merged with Lisk as a sidechain in the future when Lisk is ready.

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