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Re: An online Trading card game, based on Lisk?

Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:08 am

therealdude wrote:So I came across this after I had the same idea. I am really interested in possibly building a platform for trading card games. Has anyone moved forward with this idea?

On Lisk as a protocol, not that Inow of, but I've lost touch, to be honest. I personally got overwhelemd with other stuff, which drove me away.

There are Collectible card games on the blockchain out there, though, Spells of Genesis and Age of Chains come to mind. I'm not sure whether there are more and to be honest, I never looked deeply into either of them.

I'm not exactly in a place where I could make the time to be actievely involved in the development of a Lisk-based collectible card game, but I am more than happy to share some ideas I have/had.

For example, I have what I think is a very unique, well working and simple set of rules, which is not yet another Magic clone, but I haven't gotten around to developing more than a few placeholder cards.

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