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Phoenix1969's Delegate Oath & Transparency Report

Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:53 am

My current setup: ... a handy site with lisk links
MainNet: COMMUNITY API quad 12gb vps https http api http ........closed api
Testnet: COMMUNITY API https

Donations since forging began: community fund.........2016/12/05 500 lsk's Liskak interface. 2016/12/05 440 lsk's Monitoring scripts.........2016/12/10 500 lsk's wand..........................2016/12/12 500 lsk's many works...2016/12/12 500 lsk donation increase......2016/12/12 251 lsk 900 lsk Community Fund..........2016/12/29 500 lsk Community Fund..........2017/01/04 500 lsk Lisk Romania Initiative Fund....2017/01/17 500 lsk Bitbanksy Banner Campaign 2017/01/24 1000 lsk Lisk_awareness campaign.........2017/01/28 1200 lsk AD Blitz (banksy)........................2017/02/14 500 lsk

3 tx totaling 1000 lisk to my newsletter signup campaign
chevas 600
donyo 250
bo0da 150

and 1200 lisk to my BCT sig campaign listed below

Total forged Lisk Donations to community projects 10,891 lsk

Lisk Awareness signature campaign transactions
The original address before creating the signature account is 6641060588331634471L
The new Lisk Awareness escrow group multisig account is 5314981763917565789L my tx to original LAI account ondin's donation forward refund to to onden for the LAI from my personal forging account. onden to new LAI escrow multisig account old LAI account to new multisig account 0.2 lsk to replace tx fees.
This makes a total of 1200 lisk from my personal account, and 200 from ondin, 1st donor, to the fund.

Collected donations for the campaign:
Isabella            4000
Bitbanksy         1500
sgdias             1456
iii.element.iii   1200
Phoenix1969   1200
cointrader83   1001
malreynolds    1000
staticinstance  1000
someonesomeone 600
samuray         550
liskgate          500
redsn0w         300
ntelo              500.1
lamar             500
sherwood        500         mystery participant thought to be Robinhood pool
gr33ndrag0n   500
atreides          500
goldeneye       400
mrgr               400
polycrypto       360
movecrypto     350
qbanow           350
cc001             300
eastwind_ja    300
bioly               300
eclipsun          300
digitron           300
odsejen           300
badman           300
cad789            250
corsaro            250
grajson            250
metal494_new 243
splatters     200.66
tembo              200
gregorst           200
forrest              200
phinx               200
bigfisher           200
liskjp               200
ondin               200   200.1
jan                  200
Joel                 200
rooney             200
traderbill          165
gordo              150.1
djselery           100.1
hagie               100
litcoincollector  100

Aloha from Eric Hansen (Phoenix1969); I will start by telling you a bit about myself...
I provide performance nodes available for you to use for api calls, and for all your api and dapping needs.
You may direct any lisk data api calls to [url][/url], it is there for you.
If chosen to be in "The 101", I will "put in the hours" as they say... You can count on me to be here. If the Lisk value should happen to drop to a nickel, Phoenix will still be here.

All delegates and developers are welcome to use the domains for their api calls or even registration; They are there for YOU. The servers also have several IP's I am able to readily switch to, without stopping the Liskwallets or forging nodes in the case of a serious attack.
The setup tentatively is Main-net has 4 servers, test-net has 2

I'm a "True Believer" in redundancy, so both main-net and testnet both have backups running and syncing. Also, all the servers are spread out globally, to further de-centralize lisk. I also use 2FA in the GUI. I consider security, and redundancy to be the two biggest areas of concern, followed by the pipeline(shear internet speed and latency).
I WILL NOT ABANDON TEST-NET. I consider Test-net a critical component for Lisk and Dapp development, and will continue to provide stable, secured nodes so the community can progress in a timely manner.
I also participate in the Lisk ALPHA-Testing group, where we pre-test testnet releases.

On top of all this, I will be supporting various Lisk and Lisk-Dapp development projects with many forged lisk profits. Supporting projects, will be one of the biggest boosters for Lisk Community growth imo.
I will also remain an active entity for people seeking help or advice in the Lisk chat forum. If you PM me, I will surely answer when I see it. I do have and operate a farm, so I sometimes need to pry myself from the computer, but generally; nobody will be "iggy'd". I'm not professing to be perfect, I am Human; but my philosophy in life is to never stop trying to learn.

I'm truly humbled, honored and excited to be a part of the Lisk Community, and rest assured; I'll be supporting, and "giving back" to the community if chosen to delegate on main-net. I consider delegation of a node to be a serious Job. All other considerations are secondary.
I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of you for voting for me!
It's been so much fun, and a true challenge at times!

I am an entrepreneur and student of many facets including but not limited to alternative energies, automotive engineering, home construction, woodcraft, real estate, agriculture, nutrition, and of course, some computer and internet related endeavors. You may have seen or met me before in various scientific, cryptocurrency, or news forums.
I have some education "under my belt" from Ohio State University, Goshen College, and Buckeye State Vocational School's Adult Ed Program, Real estate classes, Insurance licensing classes, I have management experience at Case Farms, Valvoline Instant Oil change, and Howard's Auto Salvage. I repaired medical equipment and installed a computer network at Glenn Medical when networking was fairly new in 1990. I was also a night-time Sys-op at FIESCO Workman's Compensation Group very early in life. I've driven Taxi's, Limosines, Dump Trucks, Back-hoes, front-end loaders and fork-trucks. Worked in home window manufacturing, rubber injection molding, plastic extrusion, and chrome-plating. I have had many, many jobs.
My parents and siblings are all real-estate brokers, computer professionals, Solar. I've Built Homes, Renovated shops and Malls, helped build Hawaiian Schools. I can do Carpentry at all levels, Plumbing, Electrical and basic electronics, every facet of building a home or vehicle I am fully capable. I have more tools than most hardware stores could hope to stock, and I've used every single one of them. When the neighbor pulls the rope out of his mower, he wheels it to Phoenix who has him wheeling it home in 5 minutes... When a realtor would need a survey pin located 400m into the thick forest under a meter of mud.... they called Me. When the laptop gives the black screen of death.... you guessed it... they call me.
I've been called "Jack of all trades", but master of none. Now, I'm basically semi-retired and working at home at my Pampered Pooch Pet Hotel, living "off-grid" as much as possible. My only connections to the world being actually an android with hotspot, and a backup satellite connection. (but not television)

I've been a part of the crypto-currency community since early 2013. I was very well known in the KNC Btt forum, where I helped others to set up their miners, as well as alpha-testing KNC equipment. I received a few "Free" ASIC boards and a tee-shirt for a few of my shared discoveries by KNC. I'm also known In Btt for spearheading the recovery of funds for victims of CTSminer, where I paid bounties for helping to track and recover the fraudulently obtained Bitcoin, and everyone got their BTC returned. I've been "GOXxed", "BFL'd", "CTS'd", and defrauded by LIR Dice, so I'm no spring-chicken. I've also been trading Bitcoin since early 2013, and have been spending my BTC trading profits ever since on various self-sustaining efforts like my 8kw solar array, and seeding promising projects like Lisk and Iconomi.
I indeed DID Participate in the Lisk ICO.
Eric W Hansen, a.k.a. "Phoenix1969"
Thank You for your consideration
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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:27 pm

+1 for Eric!

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:56 pm

Nice presentation. I appreciate your dedication in the Lisk project.
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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:03 am

+100 :)

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:11 am


This is what makes a great President. You don't have to be an ace dev, coder etc... you have to be committed and available. You can even be a UNIX beginner. It doesn't matter. The President is there to lead and make good decisions. The president has great advisors who are available to rely on for the deep technical stuff.

Mr President you have my vote, and I hope to have a seat somewhere in the cabinet.....

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:11 am

Hey, we agreed to swap votes. I voted for you with 220k+ lisks, but can not see that your voting adress 8088607490969282484L voted for me.

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Re: Phoenix1969 Delegate Qualifications, Proposal and Roadmap

Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:31 pm

one of the best delegate in the area, good luck Phoenix1969 :)
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