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goforlisk - Open Source 85% + 5% sharing pool

Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:01 pm

Hi all,

I have been following Lisk closely some time now and am active on lisk.chat and the Lisk Reddit as wtfbbq89. I decided to get into the action myself and register as a delegate. For quite some time I wanted to contribute to the Lisk community, but could not wait for the SDK to be released to do that :D

As my daily work I am a PHP (mainly Symfony) + Javascript (and NodeJS / WebRTC) developer with a personal interest in blockchain. Besides that I own some servers in datacenters in the Netherlands. I have used some of those to install two nodes on the mainnet (https://main-01.goforli.sk and https://main-02.goforli.sk) and one on the testnet (https://test-01.goforli.sk). Both nodes have plenty of resources available to scale, whenever needed.

I got inspired by the open sourced pool software from karek314 (thepool) and the Lisk-PHP code. Since I prefer a more OO approach, I have decided to put efforts in converting the Lisk-PHP api into a composer-installable bundle which can be found on https://www.github.com/goforlisk/lisk-php-bundle or https://packagist.org/packages/goforlis ... php-bundle. It is written in PHP+Symfony.

I have also rewritten the Lisk pool software into a easy-to-configure PHP + Symfony 3.3 project, which contains all the functionality in one package. It can be found at https://www.github.com/goforlisk/liskpool. At this moment it has all the components to run a pool with a best-node selector, automatic forged block processing and automatic rewards payment processing with a configurable payout threshold and pool fee. I am still working on the graphs.

More information on plans that I have can be found on the pool website https://pool.goforli.sk. Anyone who likes is ofcourse very free to contribute to the projects I have created.

If I would make it to the top 101, 85% of all rewards (including transaction fee rewards) will be shared proportionally back to voters. 5% will be kept to be able to "sponsor" projects that make Lisk better. The remaining 10% will be kept to keep the servers alive and keep contributing to the Lisk project in any way that I can think of.

Thanks to anyone who thinks I deserve their vote. Please vote for goforlisk, address 17682500294941700766L.

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