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redsn0w's Transparency Report - January/February

Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:00 pm

Next donations will be made (obviously to all the deserving contributors/projects) every 1-2 months.

Image Lisk Forged Since December 1, 2016: 28'829 LSK
  Image  How Much Still Being Held: 23'033 LSK (79,9%)

How I used These Funds?
Image Community Fund: 600 LSK
Image Member Donations: 2000 LSK
Image Server Management: 0 LSK
Image My Expenses: 0 LSK

Funds/Transactions Details:

Image Community Fund Tx's:

Image Member Donations Tx's:

Image Server Management Tx's:

  • -

Image My Expenses Tx's:

  • -

ImageLisk Contributions

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