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Thrice.Pi transparency report

Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:50 pm


I am holding my coins at the moment in order to support the Lisk network by not dumping during this developmental stage. I also will hold 95-100% of my coins over the upcoming months in order to be ready to fund the development of dApps with the new SDK begins.


I have been paying my server costs out of pocket since the beginning and have not sold any of my forged Lisk...and do not plan to for a while longer. At absolute most I may pay off my $80 D.O node next month but have not done so until this time. I am still unlikely to do so for sometime to come as well. I only explain this potential possibility in order to be accurate and honest with my transparency report. Other than that I have been and will be holding all my forged Lisk.

Past Contributions

[*]Helped to fund a Lisk Lite Client developed by Fixcrypt.
[*]Helped fund the Liskromaniapromofund.

Other Contributions

I plan on speaking to people in my country in the Caribbean and Canada about the opportunity to create applications for Lisk. There are no guarantees this will be of any significant boost to Lisk but I do intend on spreading the word. If Lisk brings a platform which is lucrative for app creators and business entities then I will be more able to make a positive impact on Lisk through spreading the potential of Lisk to the masses.

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