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Lisk Node Watcher (for Windows)

Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:30 pm

As promised I completely rewriting my Lisk Delegate Monitor.

I'm at a point when the new version has the same (and some more) features as the old one, and it is just as functional as the previous one, so I'm releasing it as v0.1.

Under the hood is a completely different code. More efficent, faster with more options.
On the visible side are also major changes. The Lisk Delegate Monitor used a simple Windows GUI generated by Authotkey, and it had certain limitations, that wouldn't allow me to implement some of the features I have in mind.

The new UI is based on ActiveX, which is a framework by Microsoft. For our purpose it means that the UI is simple like a web page, written in HTML, styled with css. This makes it increadibly flexible and capable of much more than the previous UI.

I'm not an expert at css, so if someone feels that they can offer improvements to the UI, let me know, or simply take a look at defaultUI.html on github, and make style changes. If anyone needs changes made to the html, contact me, otherwise it may break the tool.
Any help is appreciated in this area, because it takes me and google a lot of time to came up with even this, time that I could spend on implementing features instead.

While the UI is html based the engine that provides the thata is still Autohotkey so Windows only.

Current features
- shows block height consensus of peers on the lisk network (100 peers)
- displays your node(s) height and (if your API is open or your ip whitelisted) the forging status on that node
- Basic information about your Lisk Delegate, like approval, productivity, forged and missed blocks. For both this and for forging status you'll need only to provide a delegate name

The features should work fine, in future versions their performance will be improved. The UI have some bugs and not yet working functions (for example you can drag the info boxes, but they should snap in place, and stay there), and a few other small quirks. They will be worked on.

This first version is just a starting point from here I'll be able to add more features and improve already existing ones at a good rate. A new version should be along shortly.

For more info and download visit Github

Let me know if you have any comments, see a bug, or have some design (or UI improvement) ideas.

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