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MoveCrypto - #134 - Altcoin Professional, Funder of Good Ideas, Dedicated to Crypto Community

Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:38 am



I am an altcoin investor who has been involved in various projects over the years. I have a background in business management, and I'm passionate about the altcoin space.

Server Specifications

As a Lisk delegate, I promise to maintain a minimum of 2 delegate nodes, 1 for testnet, and 1 for mainnet. Nodes are KVM Linux with 4+ cores, 4+ GB RAM, 60+ GB SSD, 4+ TB Bandwidth.

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

I have shown dedication to Lisk by running a testnet node and mainnet node for months. I have also made dozens of positive posts about Lisk on BCT, reddit, and in various slacks.

Each delegate who receives votes from the movecryptovote account will be expected to remain active and use forging revenue to add value to Lisk.

If I am voted into a top 101 forging position, here is a general breakdown of how the forged Lisk would be allocated:

30% - hold for voting weight
45% - blockchain app development
20% - delegate salary
5% - vps bills

Transparency Reports

Ending Statement

I am an excellent delegate to vote for because I'm passionate about altcoins. I can focus a lot of attention on using forging revenue to finance Lisk related projects in order to increase the value of my Lisk holdings.


PGP Public Key: ... 412BE1DE68

Bitcointalk: MoveCrypto
Reddit: Move_Crypto
Github: MoveCrypto
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Re: MoveCrypto - #232 - Altcoin Professional, Funder of Good Ideas, Dedicated to Crypto Community

Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:20 am

Thank you for participating on our Delegate Campaign!

Your proposal has qualified for the reimbursement of your Delegate registration and the 25 LSK bonus! Additionally, the proposal is under review and eligible for the contest in which the top three proposals will receive 5,000 LSK while the follow up ten proposals will receive 1,000 LSK! Throughout the time period of the contest, proposals may be upgraded and improved for better chances to win.

May the best proposal win!
Joel, Community Manager

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