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eastwind_ja - #29 - An Lisker supporter since the beginning

Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:03 am

My delegate name : eastwind_ja
Rank: currently at 29

Hello Guys! I am a crypto enthusiast, I have 37 years old and I am from China. I have entered this amazing world in early 2014 reading forums and building my first mining rig back then (7850) !
I have been watching Lisk from the very begining and I have invested in Lisk. I have strong feelings it will suceed! For this to happen, I learned to build my node through DigtialOcean vps.

Server Specifications
My two nodes is up and running from Singapore and London , And I hope you will vote for me !
Current Server specs: Two of my nodes have upgraded to 2GB\2CPUs 40GB SSD DISK 3TB transfer

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem
If I do get into the first 101 active nodes, my forging rewards will be used as follows:
20% to Development fund. (This fund will be used when Lisk ICO donations have run out, and will secure Lisk development into the future)
10% to DAPPs fund.
30% to voting weight & long term investment.*
40% to cover cost of servers & personal time spent.*
*these will be adjusted based on the price of lisk.
Also I plan on expanding Lisk awareness here in China Hunan province

Ending Statement
I have been heavily involved in Lisk testing and Now running active and secured node on main net v0.5.2 client.
I look forward to running a rock solid forging node to support LISK and hope to get your vote!
Up time very close to 98% now ,it will continue to increase
I wish you all the best !
GO Lisk !!!

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