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GreXX - Rank #87 - Lisk Nation | Dappetizer | Account Ledger

Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:24 am

My current delegate name is: grexx.

Hello Everyone!

A bit about ME.


My name is Matthew and I go by GreXX on BTT (and frequently as Matthew DC). You may know me as one of the original 5 founding members of Crypti, as well as the long time community manager and creative adviser to the Crypti Foundation. I fully intend to support the Lisk network in any way I can unofficially and I think running a delegate is the best place to start. I have been with Crypti since inception and I am very excited to see where Max and Olivier can take the network with Lisk.

I participated in all rounds of testnet and have been running a server successfully since the beginning. I have taken some time off during the most recent testnet phase to move to Hawaii and also due to the network node issues. My professional background is in network security and I have worked as a protocol analyst, intrusion analyst, and currently I lead a Blue/Hunt team.

DISCLAIMER: Just to be 100% open and honest, I am a board member and founding member of ARK. I think that many people have a strong misunderstanding and they believe ARK is a threat to Lisk, but I like to think of it as the first major community project / sidechain (even before sidechains are available!). I make the pledge that no funds forged from this delegate will go towards any ARK related projects that aren't primarily Lisk Projects as well. That means, if a project isn't being built on or for Lisk, it won't get funding from this delegate node. I caveat that because their may be a project that is incorporating both ARK and Lisk that is amazing and everyone wants to fund and in those cases I will consider funding. All proceeds from this delegate will go towards building Lisk specific properties as outlined below.


You can also find me active at the following:


BTT: ... =showPosts




I have written several articles about Lisk and will continue working to cover major announcements or movement in Lisk development. I think that once development on sidechains gets going there will be a lot of exciting news to cover.

This node will not be a pool of any sort.

Forged Rewards Distribution

I am currently updating my delegate distribution proposal. You can see my work in progress by viewing my official itemized Delegate GreXX Account Ledger. here: ... sp=sharing

10% - Server Expenses. This portion of my forged rewards will go to my VULTR bill. I will post links to invoices in the above spreadsheet once payments are made. Any portion of the 10% not spent on VULTR will roll into my other properties outlined below. This 10% will be converted to BTC for payment purposes and for the first year will be the only portion of my forged rewards that I directly put on an exchange (probably shapeshift).

10% - Lisk Nation Community Awards. Each month I will select anywhere from 1 to 5 community members or developers to receive direct donations for their contributions to the Lisk economy and to the community. This could be for building a tool, hosting meetups, networking at a conference, or writing a really good blog post or tutorial. Once materials are finalized, these will transition to being known as Lisk Nation Community Awards and will be featured on the site to allow the delegate to receive some exposure for their great work.

20% - Lisk Nation Management. This portion of my forged funds will go towards rebranding and re-launching Lisk Nation with the primary goal of being the top source for Lisk news on the web. We will have features on Developers, Sidechain Projects, Delegates, Interviews with Industry and Lisk experts, new releases or features in Lisk, and anything else Lisk related that happens. Lisk Nation will be the primary brand for several other projects as well (such as the Lisk Nation Community Awards).

Forging rewards will go towards paying the following expenses:

  • Hosting Costs
  • Hiring a minimum of 2 Lisk Columnists
  • Bounties & Rewards for Community members who help with the Re-brand/Re-Launch
  • Images & other content related expenses.

If Lisk Nation hits a point where it is self sustaining through ad revenue or otherwise, these rewards will be transitioned into giveaways, Lisk Nation Community Awards (increasing rewards), or towards funding projects.

5% - Weekly Lisk Podcast Management.
This will be used to create a Lisk Nation branded Weekly Podcast covering weekly news, interviews, and featured delegates/developers. Funds will go towards a Soundcloud Pro (Podcast) membership and upgrading equipment to create a more professional recording. This will also transition to being a live, weekly video with community questions once established to allow for unique content and community involvement. Much like Lisk Nation as a whole, if the podcast becomes self sufficient through advertisements or donations, these funds will transition to community rewards and prizes, as well as special contests on the show.

25% - Dappetizer/SeedMyDapp If you have been with Lisk for a while, you may have read my initial proposal for the Dappetizer concept. I would like to create a quarterly shark tank like investment funding process for Lisk Applications. Users would submit applications to be reviewed by our team and would then be given feedback and improvements to help them get to the funding round. Every 3 months we will run a public call in show where community members can ask questions about the startup, their concept, or their ICO. The process would culminate in a funding round from active delegates for the proposed Application. You can see an example of the process in this initial example Application I put together several months ago: ... sp=sharing

All, or a portion of these funds, will go towards creating an initial LSK reward for the top 3 projects each quarter to help them get through the seed round and prepare for a full ICO. The team will provide guidance, critical feedback, and help projects shape and develop their pitch for the community even. This project will be sponsored by Lisk Nation and will feature the hosts from the Weekly Podcast on the interviews. The pitch round will feature live video call in shows with community interaction. Details on the platform will follow. We would be able to start taking applications possibly as early as January with the first pitch session in March.

30% - Personal Fund & HODL. I will maintain 30% of forged funds as my personal stash each month as both my cut of the forging and a long term position on Lisk. I will hold about 30% per month to continue to grow my long term Lisk holdings. I would love to be able to hold this amount monthly over the next 2-3 years so that it could be used to launch a gaming platform down the road without needing outside investors. I have several papers for long term Lisk related business ideas to explore.

If at any point the above properties begin to produce substantial revenue to where I do not need a cut, this 30% will go into community rewards and the seed funding for projects.

That's all for now. I don't want to project out any plans past year 1 as the changes that occur in the price, development landscape, and community will be immense and unpredictable. I will continue to update this post / thread with additional information as things change. I thank you all for your support and I look forward to working with all of you to make Lisk the next big thing.

Current Servers:

Service: VULTR x 2
Location: Seattle
RAM: 4096 MB

I am currently utilizing the following scripts:

  • MrV Rebuild Script

:!: The following are forum posts to ideas I have posted for pushing Lisk forward through Dapps or Organizations. I am also fairly active commenting on other various ideas and proposals on the forums when I have input:

My Voting Philosophy

Throughout testnet we met a lot of great people. Some alliances have formed and I am voting for a group of people based on the performance, conversations, and communications that occurred during the extensive testing periods and our time in the Lisk chat. I can't guarantee that things won't change, but currently, about 85 or so of my votes have been assigned.

:idea: Please keep in mind however, that if the people I am voting for struggle to keep a dependable productivity on their node, or don't hold true to the promises and community ventures they have expressed support for, I will have to take that into consideration.

If you want my vote, I think you should be actively supporting the community through bounties, answering questions, developing, funding development, or some other noticeable effort. You don't have to do all of these, but if someone asks you what you do for Lisk, you should be able to point to some kind of contribution that matters.

If you are developing a Tool, Website, or Service related to Lisk, I'd like to vote for you. Send me the details and if I like it, I'll vote for you.

I don't think any delegate needs to earn 100% of their forging rewards as personal profit, so if you are taking it all straight to Polo, you won't get my vote unless you can show a product or service as a result of the funds you sold. What I mean by that is, if your funds go straight to Polo, you better be running a blockchain app company or something else that is producing serious quantifiable results to push Lisk forward.

I think all Lisk Delegates are the face of the network and ambassadors to the community and prospective adopters. As such, I think we should be pushing the network and the community forward in any way we can. There are substantial profits to be made from being a delegate, so you should approach it like you would any job. Votes aren't guaranteed for life and you will need to continue to perform if you want to continue to profit.

I will also be developing additional criteria in order to make sure the delegates I support are quality people who will be trustworthy and good for the network.

and just to prove I am real and associate a face....

It's Me!


V/r - Matthew "GreXX" DC

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Re: GreXX - Rank #160 - 1 of 5 Crypti Founders // Distribution Breakdown & App Funding

Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:34 pm

Thank you for participating on our Delegate Campaign!

Your proposal has qualified for the reimbursement of your Delegate registration and the 25 LSK bonus! Additionally, the proposal is under review and eligible for the contest in which the top three proposals will receive 5,000 LSK while the follow up ten proposals will receive 1,000 LSK! Throughout the time period of the contest, proposals may be upgraded and improved for better chances to win.

May the best proposal win!
Joel, Community Manager

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Re: GreXX - Rank #160 - 1 of 5 Crypti Founders // Distribution Breakdown & App Funding

Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:09 pm

On mobile atm but will be updating a few things tonight hawaii time.

If I stay in the 101 my main goal is to rebrand/relaunch LiskNation and hire 2 additional writers. I will also start a weekly podcast for LiskNation, focused on Lisk, starting in January.

I will also be re-designating 10% to go towards community tools, delegate tools, and Web resources specifically. My first donation will go to MrV for his script as I personally use it to manage my node.

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Re: GreXX - Rank #87 - Lisk Nation | Dappetizer | Account Ledger

Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:31 am

I have updated some aspects of my proposal and added my Delegate GreXX Distribution Ledger. ... sp=sharing

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Re: GreXX - Rank #87 - Lisk Nation | Dappetizer | Account Ledger

Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:45 am

Hello Matthew aka GreXX

You belong to the elect for todays delegates of my little Twitter campaign.
I have started this in December 2016...

Twitter Moments:

Best wishes
polycrypto ❖ Lisker since day one ❖ 7 secure nodes - Mainnet/Testnet

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