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TEMBO - #38 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, boost development and sharing rewards

Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:52 am


Lisk project is evolving healthy and at a good pace and so it is being reflected in LSK token price trend. Both facts are attracting new liskers to our community which is really great for the project. Delegates role is evolving too. My purpose is to continue being a professional block validator and active part of the community, and I also want to increase my contribution by sharing Tembo delegate rewards with my supporters.

There are several profiles in our community. Until now we were mainly early adopters, delegates, ambassadors, developers...but as the community grows new users and investors come and join us. This is awesome and it is also a challenge how to share rewards with so heterogeneous Lisk crew. Then technical and protocol factors come into play, for instance, the 0.1 transfer fee is an issue when you try to share rewards every week with holders of less than 20k lsk.

My intent is to share 25% of my rewards with Tembo and GDT supporters. I am making an effort to reward all community profiles and I am finding that it is really difficult. Anyway I want to try hard and I will keep improving this program as it goes.

Taking all into account, I will start sharing 25% of my rewards combining different initiatives as an approach to address different profiles:

1. GDT group pool. This is a great tool because allows everyone to access bigger rewards per week, even with relatively small holdings. There are currently two delegate groups (Elite and GDT) and both have pools with similar approaches which work very good. As a member of GDT group I am donating part of my rewards to GDT group pool:

Vote for GDT pool + 32 GDT members to get all GDT group rewards!!

2. Tembo lottery. Accounts under 20000 LSK are currently staking low amounts in personal pools and moreover the transfer fee is disproportionate in these cases. As a solution I propose a weekly lottery for all Tembo supporters with less than 20000 LSK. Five weekly prizes of 3 LSK and five prizes of 1 LSK where winning probability is proportional to your stake. Active forging accounts are excluded of the lottery. Lottery results at the end of the post, in the Addendum section

Vote for Tembo delegate to participate in the weekly lottery and win rewards!!

3. Tembo personal pool. The pool rounds up every week my sharing effort to reach the 25% total, that means tembo individual pool distributes among voters 13% to 19% of my reward depending on the week. Payout runs 1 or 2 times per week (minimum 1 LSK or accumulation applies) and it is based mainly on voters weight compensating a little bit smaller accounts. Terms are subject to change depending on market and network conditions and also take into account voting agreements too.
It is important to note that comparing to a group pool, a partial individual pool will always give significantly smaller amounts, but they are a good complement to increase your Lisk return.

Vote for Tembo delegate to get direct rewards and increase your Lisk stake!!


Hello fellow Liskers!!

I fell in love with the blockchain revolution three years ago and since then my interest has been growing exponentially. I have been working on the IT field for 15 years, I see blockchains as the future and LISK for me is inspiring: it is a way to access to the future and make a better world.

As a blockchain enthusiast I see Lisk as a great opportunity to participate from the beginning in the construction of something special. We can learn from other projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other crypto projects: identify improvement areas, learn from their success and failures, etc. And there is space for everybody.

My intent as a delegate will be to promote a resilient and secure network as well as a growing and healthy ecosystem.

I had an initial investment in Lisk but afterwards I increased my holdings with a big portion of my savings as a prove of my commitment with Lisk: founders, team, investors, community and even future users. I humbly request your vote and I will do whatever is in my hand to make Lisk a best practice and success story. Thanks a lot.

My delegate node is tembo: address 2433857930558702776L

Besides spending time with family, my hobbies include trekking, reading, music, travel to enjoy and learn from other cultures and investing.

Server Specifications

It is not as important to have a super-machine cluster as being able to identify quickly better working architectures and be able to scale fast when necessary. I am following nicely the plan. Learning from best practices in the community (GDT fellows gr33nDrag0n, ccc01, mrv scripts...), adjusting parameters from others and my own experience, etc. I love Lisk blockchain spirit of sharing, openness...great!!

One last comment on this topic, but a very important one: I am supporting Lisk Testnet. It is critical from the development and security stand point.

Current and Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

Following tembo pool and lottery announcement I will distribute forging rewards as follows:

* 50% future app ecosystem boost: Lisk blockchain/sidechain app investment
* 25% sharing with voters: GDT group pool, tembo pool and lottery
* 25% other uses: donations, IT costs and other personal expenses

Present and past donations include:
* Script and tool development: gr33ndrag0n/, mrv, cc001, hmachado, isabella, carbonara.
* Lisk Promotion initiatives: LiskRomaniaPromoFund (atreides), Italian Liskers FULIG (Conferences), Lisk Awareness Initiative, Lisk Community Assets,
* Security and formal verification base studies: veriform.

In the near future, with SDK launch and deployment, Lisk ecosystem will enter in the next stage. I would like to contribute to boost app development by investing in good projects. As we have witnessed in other blockchains such as Ethereum, growth is important but we need to ensure security at all levels. Looking for projects that contribute to a secure bapp development, including some sort of formal verification and that promote security best practices (audits, transparency, etc) will be my focus.

As you can see, my plan is to distribute rewards having in mind all Liskers profiles, combining a healthy distribution between sharing with supporters, bapp investment, donations, etc.

Ending Statement

Lisk is a great blockchain app platform. It started small but is scaling rapidly. Next year we will see Lisk app explosion: Internet of Things, social bapps, identity, small loans and banking for the unbanked, etc. We can really help the world and it is very much needed. I am in!!

As you can see, I supported Lisk from early stages with a good chunk of my savings as prove of my commitment and I have been spreading the word to other fellow investors about Lisk. This kind of actions will have a more visual and tangible effect when we launch first blockchain applications. Lisk from the investment side was my entry point due to my hobbies but now I am a believer, and I request your vote to maintain and multiply my participation, support spanish community, boost app development and help increase security. Together we will do our best to make Lisk the best practice of the blockchain industry.

Contact Details

Lisk Chat: tembo

Addendum. Lottery results

July 15th, 2017
5 LSK prize: 3177730572070309868L, 9041905049122501836L, 2208418821691117556L
1 LSK prize: 17675255050845108226L, 11689646608419521503L, 18089913557539362014L, 7533210530578603465L, 6638311236677320904L

July 22th, 2017
5 LSK prize: 1517733500233902473L, 11869210180749726488L, 17675255050845108226L
1 LSK prize: 9923446297533592966L, 11313638090366860321L, 18186711946695187753L, 15786457276933673259L, 2261677364342128090L

July 29th, 2017
5 LSK prize: 8801791274176949960L, 11206277563376415967L, 6787257664943151527L
1 LSK prize: 5268999206394937509L, 1479498771471983226L, 9041905049122501836L, 9710134429454844847L, 183727285358443501L

August 5th, 2017
5 LSK prize: 11534075979760618859L, 8743274521388482901L, 7117695043923480973L
1 LSK prize: 14370901899592302278L, 10012029666073593281L, 7551401373382593606L, 77411533891509647L, 3177730572070309868L

August 12th, 2017
5 LSK prize: 10012029666073593281L, 5268999206394937509L, 13855339353198119464L
1 LSK prize: 12430962086462298170L, 13898255235792999904L, 13615748088512974913L, 4587007271128862255L, 13138267067262313207L

August 19th, 2017
5 LSK prize: 3986108519138719908L, 7433697518279302761L, 5644121312036005837L
1 LSK prize: 15668530875642931549L, 15786457276933673259L, 91373890808534689L, 12410979763755082738L, 13945351829164453289L

PSA: in order to improve distribution of prizes from now on there will be five prizes of 3 LSK and five prizes of 1 LSK

August 26th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 17553653640288002710L, 10029278580545337080L, 7742654320413081940L, 8190896254641222117L, 5723531844961988781L
1 LSK prize: 5268999206394937509L, 3004696727553707180L, 2759867089997725683L, 8086545729747442501L, 15227128695006458200L

September 2nd, 2017
3 LSK prize: 17871327396519498579L, 8890031468526636670L, 7089399629033737641L, 6704938263654766365L, 3282138323804863692L
1 LSK prize: 1149958115574941845L, 12781683528426211844L, 18049332001669864260L, 16684326938137745369L, 8134131628103870589L

September 9th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 3168005567024785654L, 17470835700377333396L, 138411874295631290L, 4957721146114929564L, 4690902392452424195L
1 LSK prize: 310104191331749022L, 852284416713063006L, 4590816335039453183L, 11988895689627961256L, 8096034094060789768L

September 16th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 5057696719798512817L, 608398452690245317L, 16147274649295080597L, 5074069047383936909L, 139289198949001083L
1 LSK prize: 8318654205811607579L, 14388744784100388624L, 5114758520994769008L, 4505142055872554056L, 1888044491782108397L

September 23th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 18188652726004000863L, 159050281331464077L, 15804105687495897676L, 8146590820235976524L, 4708485983823438982L
1 LSK prize: 10705454102227726198L, 10897294162818900874L, 17417653768665482939L, 3881704997561734127L, 5586761596390309438L

September 30th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 2808250477276902310L, 5737426149632808311L, 4650295068777262223L, 2253453000191740718L, 2589201408557503329L
1 LSK prize: 17130538385769961354L, 17225850486960332388L, 4345133208882996645L, 10340250584189060137L, 4707590809664629395L

October 7th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 17894155170094565179L, 17670127987160191762L, 13195886027059222529L, 13482004304773238131L, 10602633507826289889L
1 LSK prize: 16158561418998442702L, 15846425594084815975L, 16676669888466195904L, 453671439122076038L, 6418754227011660994L

October 14th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 695779720128556414L, 8837785476146145281L, 10036028068090277894L, 9262982358192795885L, 352512237988240118L
1 LSK prize: 3031441381611950028L, 16872132345023075435L, 1816818881093732755L, 10935047560449945291L, 12321901307289656406L

October 21th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 3289799355685333014L, 3178667369965299519L, 18330386239713379277L, 6553256106137166707L, 16715048844008512803L
1 LSK prize: 5381064043607038189L, 447146220331673497L, 507048032769086496L, 342648922418304728L, 12421649701969037773L

October 27th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 8238046128930536979L, 12019829241378016220L, 12111746317462542171L, 5974314029530153519L, 5247090436337599363L
1 LSK prize: 5425816887444724785L, 5512027182593640246L, 3370256965597112467L, 11166919952158786500L, 18186711946695187753L

November 4th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 9752939788542549921L, 15113475720068880603L, 3199977254266216724L, 16188612718470492977L, 413637000009925585L
1 LSK prize: 18121465811558467115L, 16212695085997719643L, 12886579630729422261L, 7766364963824708618L, 15297866638783057016L

November 11th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 3512140518431126709L, 9774366446296294956L, 7153082036878327595L, 17631430257355412111L, 14078077594745101317L
1 LSK prize: 13397424219694943248L, 2278556204459135740L, 91373890808534689L, 15722268734528573220L, 9923446297533592966L

November 18th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 13267366765493090855L, 6203987969646651133L, 3022061790199753814L, 409507782443142674L, 2439329297773723035L
1 LSK prize: 11536227432986075582L, 4944820434791996222L, 17113662553380849059L, 6849266633929958649L, 13853334775614878052L

November 25th, 2017
3 LSK prize: 9112236128464814548L, 9587424831848272883L, 10815098478481058999L, 9408825830896937683L, 12625063203313763212L
1 LSK prize: 1479498771471983226L, 15127344180629379726L, 1129320804599770138L, 17257340426312861574L, 4375198883097195571L

December 2nd, 2017
3 LSK prize: 10308032564798319259L, 9631104794991116870L, 8875098647304730549L, 12877162612729436710L, 10486927305938962455L
1 LSK prize: 7692646553129234255L, 1931965551298220888L, 836480833731735749L, 9692473609466194887L, 3534920479996031419L
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Re: tembo - #266 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, and help to support the spanish community

Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:00 pm

Thank you for participating on our Delegate Campaign!

Your proposal has qualified for the reimbursement of your Delegate registration and the 25 LSK bonus! Additionally, the proposal is under review and eligible for the contest in which the top three proposals will receive 5,000 LSK while the follow up ten proposals will receive 1,000 LSK! Throughout the time period of the contest, proposals may be upgraded and improved for better chances to win.

May the best proposal win!
Joel, Community Manager

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Re: tembo - #266 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, and help to support the spanish community

Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:36 pm

You've got my vote mate! Keep up the good work :D

Thanks for considering my proposal:

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Re: tembo - #266 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, and help to support the spanish community

Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:23 am

Thank you BitBansky!

Very nice from you helping me starting up. I voted you back ;)

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Re: tembo - #266 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, and help to support the spanish community

Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:59 pm

Nice proposal, you've got my support for a vote.

Thank you for considering my proposal:

polycrypto ❖ Lisker since day one ❖ 7 secure nodes - Mainnet/Testnet

My Delegate Proposal | My Transparency Reports | My Twitter | Bitcointalk Profil

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Re: tembo - #266 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, and help to support the spanish community

Fri Nov 25, 2016 5:25 pm

Thanks for your support Poly#Crypto!

I like your proposal and I also want to thank you for helping me as one of my first voters. I will include you on my next batch of votes :-)


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Re: tembo - #266 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, and help to support the spanish community

Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:30 pm

Hey there!

I met with a cryptography and security expert. I talked him a lot about Lisk platfom, Lisk Community and our potential. I am very happy to say he is going to make a mainnet/testnet node proposal soon.

keep it up! :-)
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Re: tembo - #109 - Commitment, resilience, forging to increase security, and help to support the spanish community

Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:26 pm

Hi tembo

On December 15, 2016 I started a small Twitter action for the Lisk Community.
You belong to the elect for today's delegates of this campaign.

Twitter Moments:
Lisk Forum:

Best regards
polycrypto ❖ Lisker since day one ❖ 7 secure nodes - Mainnet/Testnet

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