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Carolina - #117 – Interoperabilty for Lisk

Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:56 pm

Introduction (Brief introduction of yourself)

As a delegate I intent to bring payment integration/interoperability to Lisk.

>>> Please refer to my blog <<<

I am running a node since second round of testnet with productivity/forged LSK among top 5.

I stay in contact with Node.js developers who are interested in working for LSK rewards. Regarding recent developments I will also ask some Ethereum projects if they are interested in working with Lisk.

I will try to bring LSK to the Ripple platform as the third outside cryptocurrency traded besides BTC and ETH. Although no significant trading volume is expected it can help establishing the awareness for Lisk among financial institutions. I will also try to bring Lisk to the recently launched Komodo platform (most probably this happens by itself).

I see a great potential for the Interledger Protocol (ILP), which relates to technical specifications that are as well of interest for smart contract like applications. In particular I believe that the standards underlying ILP can augment the Lisk platform. There is an abundance of use cases in connection with ILP, many financial projects are actively participating in the W3C groups. While these projects relate to the regulated business world there are as well many application areas for unpermissioned token platforms, and for those projects that effectively work like a DAO. There is a lot of requirement for technical support in the area of interoperability between platforms. For instance, in connection with ILP a unified address registry is needed based on very new open standards.

The rewards will be utilized for blockchain apps or prototyping some building patterns. Full transparency: all LSK is held in a "jackpot" with auditable address until defined milestones are achieved. In case the project does not succeed or progress, all LSK will be released for alternative community benefit.

Server Specifications

The nodes will be located in Asia with at least 3x failover. Primary node in use will depend on current performance and presence of other Lisk nodes in the area.

Singapore I, vps, 3GB, 4 cpu, ssd, ddos
Singapore II, vps, 2GB, 2 cpu, ssd, ddos
Hong Kong, vps, 8GB, 6 cpu, ssd, ddos

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

Distribution & Roadmap

All forging rewards will be held in public addresse(s) until milestones are achieved. I will pay hosting out of my own pocket until the end of the year. From January 2017 onwards I intend to reserve 20% for running the node and personal time spent on Lisk projects. I will post regular updates of my engagement on my blog, so you can check my activities and find verifiable information for the benefit that is brought to Lisk.

I will offer some of the initial forging awards for liquidity purposes and gateway operation on the Ripple platform. There are currently two prospective gateway operators, one of which might effectively charge for market making in the form that there is a threshold for profitability.

I will provide accountability for the purpose the funds are utilized. Some developers I intend to approach might work for a premium upon a milestone, others for ongoing work. If I engage in coding and active development on a project I might reserve compensation in relation to the work load. E.g., if I do 35% of development, then I would calculate 35% of the forging rewards for myself (not 20+35).

I intend to contact several current Node.js projects that are suitable for Lisk and as well Ethereum projects that might chose Lisk. It is expected that LSK is offered as incentive to the developers for these efforts.

Ending Statement (Explain why you will be an excellent Delegate to vote for)

I monitor servers 24/7 for more than 20 years. I am alert and responsive in critical situations. Since about a year I have an increasing exposure to various crypto platforms. I believe that I can bring cross platform projects to Lisk that make up for real world applications.

Contact Details

E-Mail: jollibee((arroba))
GitHub: jollibee-lisk
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Re: Carolina - #117 – Interoperabilty for Lisk

Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:51 am

Really learned to appreciate your work and dedication in the last months.
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Re: Carolina - #117 – Interoperabilty for Lisk

Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:29 pm

Thank you for participating on our Delegate Campaign!

Your proposal has qualified for the reimbursement of your Delegate registration and the 25 LSK bonus! Additionally, the proposal is under review and eligible for the contest in which the top three proposals will receive 5,000 LSK while the follow up ten proposals will receive 1,000 LSK! Throughout the time period of the contest, proposals may be upgraded and improved for better chances to win.

May the best proposal win!
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Re: Carolina - #117 – Interoperabilty for Lisk

Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:16 pm

You've got my vote Carolina. Keep up the good work :D

My proposal:

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Re: Carolina - #117 – Interoperabilty for Lisk

Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:46 am

Hey Carolina

Two days ago I've started a small Twitter action for the Lisk community.
You are among the next 4 selected users.
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Re: Carolina - #117 – Interoperabilty for Lisk

Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:50 am

Hi Carolina, you have my vote! and thank you so much for giving me yours!

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