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BIP001 Conference  - A Summary

Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:40 pm

On July 7th, 2016, Lisk attended the Blockchain Incredible Party 001 (BIP001) in Odessa, Ukraine. Unlike other conferences, this conference with a relatively small audience of 100 attendees had a heavy focus on networking within the blockchain industry.
For Lisk there were two reasons to appear; one was to meet our advisor Charles Hoskinson in person, the other was to speak and educate people about Lisk.


Meeting Charles Hoskinson
Charles Hoskinson is a senior advisor at Lisk and I was extremely excited to finally meet him in person. He co-created the DPoS consensus algorithm, co-founded BitShares and Ethereum, and is currently the CEO of one of the biggest cryptographic research labs in the world called IOHK.

I had the opportunity to get some top-notch advice concerning Lisk and how to move forward. Additionally, I learned more about him personally and was introduced to many people on the conference by him.

Educating people about Lisk
Explaining people what is so great about Lisk makes so much fun and is so incredible valuable that I use every opportunity I get. Luckily, this time we had two Lisk community members lamar and Grumlin sitting in the audience who were able to take a video (download the presentation).

Max Kordek — Presentation about Lisk — 7th July 2016
To the video on Youtube

On the conference itself I spoke to great individuals like Ethereum core developers and researchers, founder(s) of Distributed Lab, Interledger, GateHub, Ethereum, BigChainDB, Waves, employees from Deloitte, and far more. It’s great to see so many blockchain enthusiasts in one place, speaking with them, and listening to their visions.

Following is a quote from me about the BIP001 as one of the best conferences in the blockchain industry nowadays.
On the one side you have these huge blockchain conferences overflowing with people where everyone is just a ticket number and on the other side you have the BIP001, a compact and exclusive conference which carefully cherry-picks the greatest influencers within the blockchain space.
This concept combined with awesome locations makes the BIP001 the shining stars amongst all conferences. The main day involves high focused and serious discussions, the other days are bringing networking to another level by making them casual.

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Kind regards,
Max Kordek
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