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Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:25 pm


Recap Of Meeting Intro:

Lisk team confirmed and verified that they now have a total of 5 Developers, with 3 of those 5 being new hires, and more developers in the process of being hired in the coming 6-8 weeks. They speak briefly of the United States Trip and how it went very well, including many new blockchain enthusiast's following up with Max Kordek because of their interest in the Lisk platform. They also quickly spoke on, for the first time, meeting their PR Agency and how they had a productive meeting that included discussions of actions and things that can be done to continue Lisk's amazing growth. Lisk concluded this PR discussion with stating that Lisk is happy to be in partnership with such a great agency.

Lisk Upcoming Meetups:

Lisk Berlin Blockchain Meetup (WeWork) - March 9th 2017

Isabella recaps the recent development task's that have been the main focus in Lisk and states that the SDK is being discussed and brainstormed every single day and that at this stage they would much rather be attentive and precise with how they move forward with the SDK rather than having to come back later to issues that could have been avoided with time. She also confirms that the 0.6.0 release is in testing phase now and should be released to the mainnet in the coming week or 2.

Now, questions begin:

- Dao: Will Lisk be supporting Blockchain App Developers?
- Lisk (Max): Yes, Lisk will do so by giving out seed funding to developers, maybe even, inviting developers to the Lisk Headquarter for a place to work to in hope aid great projects.

- Andreas: Isabella, are you moving to germany? or will continue remotely?
- Lisk (Isabella): I'm continuing to think more into it. I really do like it here, but, it is a big step and I do have responsibilities back home that need to be addressed before I can commit to such a big transition.

- Adrian: What notable changes does the new 0.6.0 version bring?
- Lisk (Isabella): The new 0.6.0 includes big step forwards with changing, adding, modifying Transaction in-point rewrites, peer changes to better broadhash concensus, the ability to sync from specific peers, changes in Lisk SH, and an advancement in Lisk Snapshot. All in all, this is a very big advancement and we here at Lisk are excited to release that to you all.

- Tim: Bitcoin price is pretty high, what are you going to do with the BTC collected during ICO?
- Lisk (Max): Our plan is to liquidate all the ICO Bitcoin until we reach 10,000 BTC, when having reached 10,000 we will put these funds into a multi-signature wallet to hold. Therefor, in the coming weeks we have planned to liquidate 2,000 BTC as we know this will be enough to fund Lisk for the next 1-2 Years.

- MalReynolds: Max, how much longer will Lisk stay at 5 LSK rewards per block?
- Lisk (Max): This is more of community consensus question. The rewards per block decline is already written in the code it now comes to having it accepted by the consensus of the elected delegates.

- Dont Stop: Do you have a better understanding or thought of the upcoming SDK? What are the fundamentals that the SDK will be created by?
- Lisk (Max): Lisk in a way truly began this year (Because lack of ICO funding being held). We now are beginning to build a great and capatable team and have began dedicating 2-Hours, every day, Monday-Friday to have team meetings dicussing how we are going to about the development of the SDK. We are looking at it in all angles and are brainstorming how we can provide each diverse user what they need (Wether it be security, scability, or great user experience).

- Pham: Max, What is your plan of SDK development? features? Steps to implement it? Any speculation on when it can be released?
- Lisk (Max): I think that this brainstorming process (which shouldn't be underistamed) will likely take 2 more months. Then we will begin drafting up the architecture, then code, then test, then release fix-backs, and hopefully have something available for you all near the end of the year.

- Forrest: Can we still expect the whitepaper by Q1 2017? Also do you plan to put the whitepaper on github and update when necessary?
- Lisk (Max): My current understanding on whitepaper is that, within this blockchain community, it is used as a marketing tool for upcoming ICO's. We still can, and may, create one but the question will then be if we would like to write a normal whitepaper or a more sophisticated (Ex: Bitcoin, Ethereum) one. It all depends if we find the time to do this or somehow think its worth taking a developers time away from development and steering it towards creating a Lisk whitepaper.

- Serge TV: Is it possible to create custom tokens on Lisk?
- Lisk (Isabella): If you mean as a sidechain, then Yes, it is definitely possible.

- Not My Name: If you are thinking of changing delegates is that going to be to more or less delegates?
- Lisk (Team): More, if in any case, the change will be for the number of delegates to go up. Still, there are many things playing into this and it doesn't allow for a quick and simple change to be made without changing and advancing a few things, but in any case the delegate amount will rise.

- Dont Stop: What is the priority, as of now, in the development area of Lisk?
- Lisk (Max): Our priority is currently being divided into a few things. One of these priorities is continously working on the Lisk core everyday and helping advance and secure the network and on the other side it of course is the SDK.

- Devide: What will be the verification process for dapps execution? Will every node verifiy all dapps computations or will this be diferrent?
- Lisk (Isabella): The targeted goal for the blockchain application is to have all of the verifaction take place within the sidechain by their own delegates or chosen algorithm or, if their is no token, it will be verified by all other nodes. The mainchain will only verify out-transactions, registration transactions, or blockchain applications.

- Dennis: What are the future plans for the development team? How many people are left to hire? What will be the size of the final team?
- Lisk (Max & Joel): Currently, we have 5 Developers and 2 more coming in the next weeks. Although, we plan to have a team that fits every important aspect of Lisk so we, in the end, expect to have a team of 15-20 members here at Lisk.

- Forrest: Will the block reward change 1 year after Community forging began?
- Lisk (Isabella): The change in block reward is already coded into Lisk set as milestones. The next change is ecpected to happen around November 2017.

- Forrest: Any update on the rebranding of Lisk?
- Lisk (Max): This is one of my favorite subjects. Initially, we began looking all over the world for designers who would fit the task, and were met with a few challenges (Different timezone, language barriers, etc). So we decided to take a step back and shop locally for designers and found an amazing design agency that has experience in UX, design, and coding, we discussed what Lisk is and how it works and have contiously been having meetings about the rebranding. We, in fact, have a meeting with this agency on the 15th of February for our third meeting where we will discuss more about this rebranding step. Regarding the target date, we are looking at Q1 or Q2 of 2017.

- Mitch Lisk: A good amount of lisk wallets are wallets of smaller holdings. What can be the role of Lisk pools in the future?
- Lisk (Team): We are all okay with there being pools, it just cannot get to the point where there are too many of them.

- Warren: What will happen to the ByteBalls that you have and will receive?
- Lisk (Max): We have something very positive that we are going to do for the Lisk holders but, as of now, we cannot say exactly what we will do. We are awaiting advise from our lawyers.

- Steve: Development seems to be really slow considering how much money was raised during the ICO. Blockchain technology is changing very fast. Do you think you are being too conservative with the funds?
- Lisk (Team): We are a new starup, also a starup who has received their ICO funds a little bit over 40 days ago. It may seem slow but in reality we are making a lot of progress. We have added 3 developers in the past month and are in the process of adding more. We also don't believe that much has changed with the development progress in the blockchain industry, what you may refer to is the amount of upcoming projects but the thing is when these projects are established (After Launch) they work (and it may be slower) to release updates. We work to be consistent in releasing updates here at Lisk and feel confident that we are doing well and can continue this development strive for many years to come.

- Dont Stop: What is happening/happened to the advisers Lisk added mid-late last year. Are they still receiving funds from the Adviser Fund?
- Lisk (Max): They are still here. They received a one-time incentive share of Lisk in exchange for being our advisers. We also recently met up with them while on our United States Lisk Business Trip.

- StaticInstance: Will certain parameters (Block time, algorithm, number of delegates, etc) need to be the same as the Mainchain or can it be custom?
- Lisk (Isabella): The idea is to provide a modular SDK that allow developers to create their sidechain to their Liking. So overall we want to make Sidechains as customizable as possible.

- Santiago: Isabella, you proposed reducing the allowed votes to 33, allowing 1 vote is POS while allowing 101 votes is DPOS, do you agree that whatever in the middle is just a gray area of POS and DPOS?
- Lisk (Team): As of now its a proposal, a clearer message of my stance can be found on Github. In the end, we dont want to end up having a centralized network where one person can own the entire network. It also seems as if most have a understanding that DPOS and POS is something that is fixed to one standard, and this isn't the case. There are many variables to these algorithms creating the possibility of all projects having different forms of these algorithms implemented on their platform.

- Warren: Isabella said the GUI will be removed. Why is it still being developed and why are we taking developers time for it?
- Lisk (Isabella): Our main focus is definitely not on Lisk GUI. It is one of the more aged parts of code that we have that provides a fundamental mechanism for interfacing with the system so it is important to make some changes to advance in this area. Therefor we made a small improvement of searching by name when looking to vote for a delegate, which is huge.

- Dont Stop: When will the upcoming Lisk statement be released and what day in the month has the Lisk team set to release all future monthly statements?
- Lisk (Max): The plan is to release the transparency report once a month. We have the report of January being released next week.

- Warren: What can Lisk be used for at the moment? until there are blokchain apps, why would someone want to buy or use Lisk?
- Lisk (Team): As of now, as most of the other blockchains are about, Lisk holders are currently here as our supporters, awaiting for their rewards because of this. Still, later on down the road Lisk will of course be needed for blockchain development and will be used as payment for certain services.

- Andreas: What do you guys think of the LIG meetup happening on the 20th Of Feb?
- Lisk (Max & Joel): We think its excellent. You are all doing an amazing job and we are glad to hear of this. We feel this is what the delegation system can become.

- Forrest: What is Lisk HQ Prioties number by 1, 2, 3 in terms of software development?
- Lisk (Team): Priority #1 is the SDK. Priority #2 is CORE development. Priority #3 Working around all the other things needing to be done to push Lisk forward (Marketing, PR, etc)

- Dont Stop: Can we get a better understanding of Litecurve, its mission, and its intentions?
- Lisk (Max): Lisk itself is the Lisk Foundation including 3 Board members of Oliver, Edo, Max. Lisk's mission is to make Lisk the leading, and only, blockchain application platform. While Litecurve GMbH was founded by Max, Oliver, Joel to work for Lisk as a contractor to offer development and other services. The reason for both Lisk and Litecurve was more so for legal purposes.

- Davide: Will you, or any of you, come to the Turin Lisk Meetup?
- Lisk (Isabella): I'll go. I'll try my best to attend.

- Dont Stop: Isabella, as someone who develops for Lisk and has discussed the future state of Lisk. How Big do you genuinely see Lisk becoming, and, do you see it being in the TOP 5 blockchain platforms?
- Lisk (Isabella): I think Lisk will certainly become one of the TOP 3 Platforms in the coming years.

- Forrest: How urgently do you think changes need to be made to DPOS?
- Lisk (Isabella): We're brainstorming right now. As or right now we have a open discussion on Github which everyone can join in. In regards to timeline, we don't have one yet. Just as the SDK we first need to brainstorm.

- StaticInstance: Do you have a development process (Agile, scrum, etc)?
- Lisk (Isabella): We are currently following a scrum process. But have more of a Hybrid process involving both.

- Forrest: Are you guys being attentive to what other competitors are doing?
- Lisk (Team): I'm not worried about it (Said firmly). I do research on all of the projects (Ardor, Rise, Shift, Ark) so we are very aware of what these projects are doing. But we are confident that we will come out on top as we have the resources and capacity to make it happen.

- Jason: Have you applied for Lisk Trademark?
- Lisk (Max): Yes.

This concludes the entire Lisk Meeting. I certainly believe that this will help members, users, individuals have a great understanding of Lisk. I also feel as if it will surely make you confident in where Lisk will be in the coming years. This was a very fun meeting and I hope that you are all able to attend the next Live stream!

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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:13 pm

Nice work, Jan :)
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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:39 pm

Great job @Jan, Thanks :)
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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:55 pm

Forrest01 wrote:Nice work, Jan :)

Poly#Crypto wrote:Great job @Jan, Thanks :)

Thanks guys ;)

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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:49 pm

Worth to read. Now I fully understood community meeting. Thank @Jan. :D

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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:05 am

Thanks Jan!
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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:55 am

This is a short bonus in the text version, which holds in itself the main aspects of the meeting.

Jan,good job)

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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:15 am

Well done. Republished in Chinese Lisk Community Site: ... 11th-2017/
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Re: Community Meeting (Transcript) - February 11th, 2017

Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:34 am

Cool Jan great job !!
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