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Community Meeting - December 18th, 2016

Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:11 pm


On December 18th of 2016, we will be conducting the last monthly Community Meeting of the year on Lisk Chat, start time is 6:00PM (CET). Join us while the Lisk team answers as many questions as possible from the community. Make sure to keep track of this forum post as the meeting transcript will be included once the meeting is over.

Following are some topics we would like to discuss with the community:

  • Network stability, scalability
  • Delegates and their responsibilities
  • Next Steps in Development
  • Next Steps in Business

Everyone is encouraged to participate, so if you have any detailed questions for us, please submit them to Joel (e-mail:, joel). During the meeting, we will address as many questions as we possibly can.

The meeting will take place in our Lisk chat, and will be held on December 18th, 2016 at 6:00 PM (CET).

Community Meeting Transcript

max: Hello @all. Welcome to the last Community Meeting of 2016. It has the same format as the last meeting which was really great with a lot of community involvement. Today with us is @joel, @isabella and myself; and we are concluding 2016 which was a great year for Lisk with many valuable, but hard, lessons. We are going into 2017 extremely strong and are looking forward to the "New Beginning" of Lisk next year. The next meeting will be in January and will be announced timely.

Weekly Summary
A quick note about the Weekly Summaries of the past 2 weeks. We are going to publish it tomorrow. Currently, we are cleaning up internally, getting ourselves properly organised for 2017, doing the end of the year accounting, and are carefully preparing the last big announcements for this month.

Christmas Holiday
Another quick note. Even though we will continue to work in the next two weeks, we will go silent over the holidays and head into an official christmas holiday on the 23rd December. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope to see everyone back after New Years Eve.

Today, I'd like to explain you how we are doing announcements at Lisk. We will never publish major announcements and big news to such a limited audience like the Lisk.Chat. What we are doing is to hint towards announcements in our Community Meetings, but that's it. Usually, an announcement is being prepared at least 1 week in advance. For that we are working closely together with WachsmanPR to get the most out of it, especially the timing is of utterly importance. That means we are preparing an official press release and distribute it to great journalists under an embargo. Once the embargo is lifted the press release is published, accompanied with an official blog post on From a marketing and public relations perspective the best time for announcements is on a Tuesday. Following, is the distribution on all our social media channels and sometimes exclusive interviews with news outlets. For major news we are also utilising BitcoinPRBuzz for maximum impact through many news articles. This makes sure that announcements are getting out like a landslide, and not like water drops. I believe this is a fair method.

Lisk Foundation
I'm happy to announce that the Lisk Foundation now has an official commercial register entry in the Kanton Zug. We are launching an avalanche of announcements next week, so expect some awesome news. Please note, the commercial register entry doesn't make the registration final. We won't discuss more at this point of time, please remember our way we are handling announcements. Stay tuned for major announcements early next week.

Here is the commercial register entry:;jsessionid=023329c853763febb85bf4e1fa87?uid=CHE-476.165.977#

We know that the past few months were the absolute opposite of transparency. However, we will go into 2017 with a lot more transparency again, this include reports for 2016 before New Years Eve as well. This is what we intended to do from the beginning and what we feel is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the legal side of things made it quite hard for us without putting ourselves at major risks. Stay tuned for announcements next week.

New employees
Going forward we are not going to promote new employees, we learned our lessons. In terms of developers contributions on GitHub will make it clear over time. For all other positions we will do minimal announcements. They are of course always allowed to announce it themselves. We have a strong focus on hiring right now and are making very good progress. As I told you in the last meeting we are hiring for January 2017.

Recently, we also switched our office at WeWork. Previously, we had a four person office as you know from the image we once posted; since December we are sitting in a spacious six person office and are already take a liking for an eight person office. After that we will completely switch to a bigger one just for ourselves which will be sufficient for many years ahead.

We are now also accepting free lancers from all over the world, the more outside of Europe the higher the skill set has to be though. We recently had some nice additions.

That's it with the summary talk!
Thanks for listening so carefully until now. @joel, @isabella and I are now ready to answer all the questions you might have, we are also available for some smalltalk and christmas conversations.

Community Questions

Karek: Now i have a question, there are advisor funds which is about 4mln LSK, first guy on screenshot wrote one post on btctalk, nothing more which I'm aware of, the next guy, who is the next guy actually and what did he advised ? The thirds guy is Boris - founder of Crypti, he wrote very shitty code, why he is entitled to funds ? The last guy i assume is poor lawyer which couldn't manage to register non profit company in 7months, right ? No hurt feelings , just transparency. 4mln LSK is a lot.
max: @Karek Yes they are, I'm talking with them regularly and often take their advice. We have weekly meetings with them, but removed that part from the Weekly Summaries because people were getting tired of reading it again and again every week. In January/February I will also fly to New York to meet Steven personally. I'm looking forward to that! However, some of them are not actively advising, but are rather there on demand.

stoner19: most important question...Why is it no on here organized a LISK Secret Santa this this year?
max: @stoner19 Ask the community.

malreynolds: So, Max - are we still working on mainchain stabilization as the primary goal, or are we ready to start developing sidechain capabilities?
max: @malreynolds This week Oliver worked on internal documentation for employees and free lancers, did major efforts to organise GitHub, also started working on continuous integration and other stuff. Going forward we will begin to put effort into the Sidechain developments. For that we will likely heavily brainstorm and plan for a few weeks, before we even start writing a single line of code. The mainchain stabilisation "milestone" is not a "milestone" anymore but rather a continuous venture. It will accompany us for many years as there is always something to improve.

Anonymous: @max My question is about the rest of the funds like adviser and bounty funds. These are owned by the Lisk project or more accurately is in the care of the Lisk project.
They are, as their names suggest, specific purpose funds and I would like to know the plans for them.

The question is twofold.
1. What are the short and long term plans, what and who will be paid from these funds?
2. Are they going to be used for voting weight in the meanwhile?

1. Short and long term plans are the same. The adviser fund is being used to win over high profile advisers and personalities for a long duration. The bounty fund is being used for bounties to the community (e.g. ... .fph934djr, ... .1uu8ebjas, ... .x3hnhqs6f).

2. As long as there is no substantial voting threat to the network which leads to centralisation, we are not voting with these two funds. As you already said they are "specific purpose funds".

sgdias: @max is there any news regarding any outstanding dapp development ? Is there any plan to work with business partners for dapp development ? Im feeling the lisk plattform roadmap is doing well but we need boost somehow the dapp initiative.
max: @sgdias Well, first comes the framework. Before we don't have at least an alpha version we are happy with, we won't work together with anyone. Else we are taking away valuable resources from us. However, you can be very sure that we are going to work together with partners to increase the Lisk blockchain app output and awareness.

malreynolds: Also, what is the next target for transactions per second? We are using some new database acceleration libraries, sodium I think, that should help speed things up even more, right?
isabella: @malreynolds there are still some things to remedy before we increase the transaction limit.
max: @malreynolds From my side; there is no need to increase TPS. So I won't push for that. I think the current limit is good enough for at least a year. (With an implementation of a possible fee market, i.e. you can increase the fees of transactions to make them process faster)

Splatters: will be released any documentation about how the consensus is calculated and it will remain at +51% even in the next release or it could be lowered?
isabella: @Splatters theres no consensus documentation compiled right now, theres no plans to change it down from 51%. we have plans to fix underlying issues and improve peers/blocks data replication to make consensus work in a more complete fashion
max: @Splatters Later on we will definitely release documentation regarding many different parts of Lisk. So that developers can understand the Lisk core more easily. Regarding the +51%, we will have to gather more data first. So we can't make any statement on that.

dakk_delegate: @max where we can find the documentation for free lancers? isn't it yet public?
joel: @dakk_delegate It's still internal for the current freelancers. Once it's finished this is something that you could ask Oliver to make public

souljah1h: what is transaction limit atm?
isabella: @souljah1h 25tx per block

bitbanksy: @max where can we access the financial statement of Lisk Stiftung?
max: @bitbanksy Everything we want to publish regarding the Foundation will be published at one point. Right now we won't discuss this topic. (See above "how we handle announcements")

Gr33nDrag0n: about dapps, dont forget a couple of us are waiting the sandboxed sdk to give it a serious try
max: @Gr33nDrag0n Yep! We will drastically rearchitecture the whole SDK, it's not perfect at all right now. We practically changed nothing until now, as the focus was somewhere else. According to our development roadmap.

mike: Since Lisk has agreements in place with ICN, Poloneix, and other large large holders of Lisk to not vote for a majority of delegates, will the Lisk Foundation and individual Lisk team members be adhering to the same guidelines and limit their votes to less than a majority of delegates, and if they do individually limit their voting, will they also avoid colluding to vote for a majority of delegates?
isabella: @mike i dont think my vote will cause centralization.
max: @mike If you are talking about Oliver's and my funds. You can expect that we won't dominate the delegates. If you look carefully, we don't even have upvoted ourselves and don't indent to run individual delegates for ourselves. However, we still want to give back to the community if we get the chance to, by voting for contributing members regularly. Voting needs to be very dynamic and adjusted every few weeks.

Forrest: @max any info about Lisk logo and site re-design ?
joel: @Forrest Not at this time, that's stated for first quarter 2017 and may take up to 2nd quarter to have it implemented.
max: @Forrest We will work together with an agency to do the rebranding, and will hire a designer to work with the branding guidelines on a daily basis. We will publish the results in one go to increase the impact. Please note, that the rebranding is targeted for Q1. The release of it can be a bit later though. (Because of the development work, i.e. certain milestones also need to be reached before we can publish the rebranding).

sgdias: @max what are plans for the community fund looking forward ?
joel: @sgdias The blockchain provideds the transparency

sgdias: @joel it gives transpatency till certain point, once the fund reached the final address there is no longer track, specially if those funds are exchanged to pay costs in fiat
joel: The community fund is locked for years to come. Anyone can see at anytime how much funds it has, and where they have come from. As to when it's time for the fund to be used, we can think about this more once we're there.

bitbanksy: @joel re: community fund when & how curators will be selected?
joel: That's something to be thought about. But the community should have a loud voice on who these should be.

Phoenix1969: @max Just to be clear... The ICO funds to be accessible for the team soon?
max: As I stated before, I won't give more information at this point of time.

sgdias: @joel is there any plan for voting from the community fund to people who contribuited ?
joel: No, it will not be used for voting.
max: @sgdias We won't touch the Community Fund for a long time, according to our legal obligations we underwent. Later on, the Community Fund committee will manage it fully transparency (thanks to the blockchain). Everything will be community decided, we won't decide anything.

mike: Has a final decision been made on what will be done with the XCR held by Lisk?
max: We will just keep them. Crypti has hundreds of exploits and wouldn't even survive a day. The download servers are offline as well AFAIK, so it's not even possible to install it.

mike: Thanks, just wanted to know if I should bother with keeping crypti servers going, pulled them yesterday, not sure if worth migrating them to OVH.
max: @mike As I mentioned it several months ago, it isn't worth it. Crypti found its successor in Lisk.

vega: @max I'm sure. this was an 6 months unforseen delay for network improvements over forward moving development. I'd like to slap boris for his legacy to be honest.
max: @vega No hard feelings. Everyone just tries his best, is constantly learning and pushing forward. I wish him all the best for his new venture!

bitbanksy: @max any time frame re: ICO funds?
joel: @bitbanksy Keep an eye on the news this week.

LSK: are you going to launch the redesign at the 1st LiskFest?
max: @LSK No, probably the first sidechain concepts though. Rebranding is not so important, sidechains are the real thing.

ketchikan: hello. I have some plans to develop some applications using lisk side chains, but when I looked at it a few months ago it didn't look like it is possible at this point. Has been any development in the area, and if not is there a timeline for when developers (or people who want to fund development) can start actively developing for side chains?
max: Q2 @ketchikan , before that it's unreasonable.

netted696: Max, You are personally familiar with Vitalik Buterin - what you think of it? At advance of LISK the strong and weak moments of Etherium have been considered?
max: @netted696 I like him, he is honest, hard working, intelligent. We are taking a look at all developments in the blockchain and startup space, study the lessons learned by others and apply them to ourselves. Of course mistakes will still be made, but less and less over time. Everything else would be naïve.

ketchikan: thank you max. is there anything someone like me can do until then to prepair or just help lisk moving forward, or I should just check back 6 months from now?
max: If you are a strong JS developer, apply for a job at Lisk. Else become an active community member and push Lisk forward with all the awesome people here.

Biggballs: hi, have you been looking at if Lisk has (can have) vounerabilities like Ethereum where a hacker can exploit the system?
Mq: @Biggballs yes, Lisk code is reviewed all the time, we regularly conduct penetration and security tests also.
max: @Biggballs Every system has vulnerabilities. The good thing with blockchain tech is, that you have a distributed record, so money will most likely not be lost if you keep it in your wallet. (Which should never be the case of course!) As @Mq said, we are reviewing the code, conducting tests. After every phase we also would like to do proper security audits.

Biggballs: have you actively promoted Lisk to the JS developer community yet - in case yet what have you done so far?
max: @Biggballs No, this would hurt us. If you look at bad software as a developer it's not so likely you will come back again when it's great.

max: @all Thank you all for attending this months community meeting. It was again an awesome meeting and I'm so happy that you all participated.
Please take a look at the Community Fund. It's an important project!

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Re: Community Meeting - December 18th, 2016

Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:45 pm

And lisk is back to 20k!! This meeting was awesome! well done!

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Re: Community Meeting - December 18th, 2016

Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:58 pm

well done! I was sorry not be there

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Re: Community Meeting - December 18th, 2016

Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:25 am


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