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Community Meeting - July 30th, 2016

Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:57 pm

Outlined is a summary of the community meeting.

Welcome everyone to the third community meeting. In this blog post you will find the answers to the questions the community compiled before the meeting. It is published one hour before the actual meeting starts so that the community has some time to read the answers and come up with new questions towards the community meeting. This encourages a community meeting where people can ask us further questions and talk casually with us.

We felt that in the past weeks we distanced ourselves too much and by making these changes, it should bring us closer to the community again.
Additionally, we kept the questions quite general and created a new kind of community meeting for all technical questions. The technical community meeting will happen in two weeks and we will answer all outstanding questions there. We did that in order to let Oliver concentrate on the much needed Lisk v0.3.2 update. More information about it will be made public next week.

Refer to this blog post in order to view the Q&A from our last community meeting, conducted on June 11th, 2016.

Community Meeting Questions

While Max was away on his conference circuit, many noticed that there was a substantial lack of communication or information flow to the community. Now that he is back, we have seen a massive uptick in the amount of blog updates, tweets, and information being pushed out from the team. How do you plan to balance this moving forward and is this something you are directly focused on? Have you considered possibly expanding Joel’s responsibilities or hiring someone to help keep the information flowing on a more regular basis? (Matt/GreXX)
This is not being focused on right now, but it is in our heads. Once in Berlin, we will definitely hire a marketing person who will take care of blog posts, press releases, social media channels, advertisements, and so on. Currently, we are running on pretty low budget for our public relations and advertisements. This will change when we get access to the funds. The person we hire will also be the point of contact for all media outlets, such as
Regarding Joel’s responsibilities. They will definitely expand soon, because the bounty distribution comes to an end. Until now this took a huge part of his time away. I will have a call with him soon discussing future tasks and areas he can start excelling in. Things I can imagine are building up a world-wide Lisk Meetup network, organising a single point of contact to the Lisk team for everyone, and making our forum more popular.

What are the most important places / links to monitor for updated information on Lisk? (Mal)
The most frequently updated page is our Twitter profile, I’m posting a lot of different information there; blog posts, news articles, interviews, funny stuff around Lisk, smaller pieces of information, exchanges, and more.
I’d like to have our own page where we can post all kinds of updates, from very small to very big, in different categories like marketing, trading, or development in a constant stream. That means not a blog put rather a mix between Twitter and a blog. I will keep this idea in my head for now and discuss it again with Oliver once I’m in Berlin.

Fee structure
Please provide for new users an overview of the current fee structure in Lisk, a link where the latest version of this fee structure is displayed, and discuss any future or proposed changes to this fee structure. (Mal)
Here you have a fee overview.
In the future we want to make this more logical and dynamic. Static fees are not perfect because they don’t react to network usage changes, their biggest advantage is that they are extremely simple to implement. On Redbooth, our internal team discussion platform, I proposed a new type of fee system where fees are automatically calculated depending on the bytes your action uses on the blockchain. In my opinion this is the most fair and logical system, however it’s also quite complicated. In this system I imagine every delegate could set their own maximum, dynamic block size, depending how much their infrastructure can support. This would be another influential parameter to either vote for a delegate or not, and would remove the whole governance problem Bitcoin has at the moment regarding the block size. It’s still all theoretical and currently it’s honestly not practical or efficient to discuss topics like this within the team. Once I’m in Berlin I can discuss topics like these much easier and more casual with Oliver every day.

Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm
This isn’t necessarily a question directly about the DPoS algorithm or system itself, but rather the voting and shifting mechanism that has been causing the forking issues in the current release. Do you believe you know the nature of the problem and have you already developed a fix specifically for the forking we have been seeing? Is the forking problem still directly related to the voting mechanism? What is the likelihood that with 0.4.0 (even if it is another 3 months), we will see the forking issues resolved? (Matt/GreXX)
I already talked with Oliver about the versioning, we know that with Lisk 0.4.0 people assume a stable network. That means with that version we definitely need to activate community delegate forging. We are all for more regular updates and neglected that a little bit in the past weeks. We are resuming them and that’s why before 0.4.0 we will probably release more 0.3.x updates. The other part of the question will be answered in two weeks during the technical community meeting.

Forging rewards
Is it correct that the GenesisDelegates don’t get Forging rewards, but they accumulate the transaction fees, right? If yes, how much LSK did they accumulate? How and when will those LSK be spent? (someonsomeone)
This is 100% correct. You can see how much the whole network collected in fees until now on our Delegate Monitor. Currently, that’s about 27800 LSK or over $7000. All money will go into our bounty fund for future contests, hackathons, rewards, and so on.
The remainder of the early adopter bounty fund will also go completely to the regular bounty fund, in the past months you didn’t really see any campaigns from us regarding bounties. Once this month is over and the deadline for early adopter bounties is reached, we will start designing new bounty campaigns.

Forging has been a hot topic ever since Lisk was announced. One of the primary questions I hear from the community, and a major focus area, is whether or not the official Lisk team plans to cast votes for delegates. Now that we have had time to see how the community is developing and see what the list of current top community members (in vote %) looks like, do you intend to cast a vote for delegates? If so, do you intend to vote for a handful of dedicated members, or a full list of 101 delegates? Do you see any positive factors you can isolate that make some Delegates stand out in your mind, or others that you believe are negative attributes to avoid? (Matt/GreXX)
I think the majority of people buying up a lot of LSK in order to have more voting power, have not voted at all yet. There is no reason to vote, that’s why they stay in the shadows right now.
The following is my personal opinion! I will definitely vote for delegates with my fundings. I will not vote for a full set of 101 delegates all the time only for the sake to have a “complete vote set”. I will rather vote for those who deserve it. I might also switch votes from time to time, because someone might deserve X LSK in forging rewards for something he did but not more. Positive factors are delegates who won’t use all earnings for themselves, but rather for the ecosystem. Examples to name are definitely blockchain apps and developer tools. A negative attribute would be a person stating that he will receive absolutely nothing and contributes everything to the ecosystem, there is no long-term incentive behind that. It obviously depends on the person, but I would rather see someone getting a small salary and contributing the rest to the ecosystem.

Do you plan to change the stated DPoS reward structure of 5/4/3/2/1 Lisk per block forged over the next five years? Will the number of Active Delegates receiving these reward will change? (The question was cut off, not sure who contributed this question)
As things stand right now we won’t change the forging reward structure. However, if we encounter major manipulations or if no fundings will be put back into the ecosystem we might have to adapt the structure in the future. At this point of time I can’t give a final answer on that question, personally I tend to not change things I announced once.
I would like to see more active delegates in order to decentralise the system more and to split the forging rewards to more individuals, in order to fund more projects. Ideally, the number of delegates would grow with the market capitalisation to keep an USD average for forging rewards.

As the testnet is still running on a version of Lisk that has major forking issues, many delegates are rebuilding multiple times per day to keep Testnet running. This can be frustrating and time consuming (as well as expensive for some). Is the Lisk team actually using the current testnet for any internal testing, or do you typically run a private testnet to run the majority of your tests? (Matt/GreXX)
We tested the current version enough in order to fix the issues we detected, the testnet will become more useful again with the next update. Generally, the usefulness of a testnet can be seen in waves. Before and after an update it’s at a maximum.

Will testnet be extended in the future to support test sidechains, and verify these function as expected with the testnet blockchain? (Mal)
Yes. However, this is in the hands of every blockchain app or sidechain developer. The testnet is technically the same as the mainnet, only that the tokens have no value. That means everyone is already able to add their own blockchain app to the app directory. At the end of the day I think that the majority of app developers are testing in a local/private testnet and will deploy their app to the public testnet once it’s nearly finished. Similar to a closed beta and public beta launch.

How to improve the usefulness of the testnet? (cc001)
Joel: At the moment, the testnet is mainly used for finding bugs in the platform and testing delegate nodes. The more it is used, the easier it gets in identifying them. In the future, the public testnet will be used by developers to test their blockchain applications.
Max: I think it would be good to implement further log functions for the testnet how Mal suggests, I will discuss with Oliver how we can improve the usefulness of the testnet. I think its main benefit is for third party developers to test Lisk without risking any funds. E.g. exchanges, payment services or app developers. However, for that we have to provide a testnet information page in our documentation. I already communicated this within the team and Isabella is working on that.

Is testnet primarily a training ground for wanna-be delegates, or is information actually gathered that assists devs in debugging code? (Mal)
Information is actually gathered that assists us in debugging code. Definitely! It provides valuable input, but mostly after new updates. Additionally, it benefits others as you can read in the answer of question (10). (I added the second part of the question to the technical question part at the end for the next technical community meeting.)

Release-Management / Development-Process
I’d like to know a little more about the thought process behind switching to 0.3.2 as opposed to the previous push to continue working towards 0.4.0. Was this in response to the people in the community complaining about a lack of progress? Was this spur of the moment due to the Polo issue? I guess the real question I have is, will this be a fundamental change to a more frequent iteration cycle that we can expect to continue, or a one time thing due to a specific bug? (Matt/GreXX)
Generally, I’m a fan of releasing many smaller updates rather than a huge one. Lisk 0.4.0, which activates community delegate forging, still takes a few weeks and there are many other issues which need to be fixed. That’s why we reflected on our release cycle and will re-introduce incremental updates which have a lot of benefits, like security, constant progress, and marketing (perception of constant development). Additionally, it’s necessary because not many users are checking out our GitHub repository and notice that the code is evolving every day.
One of the urgent issues which need to be fixed is the transaction broadcasting. In some rare circumstances which are very hard to test, a transaction might not get included in the blockchain but stays in the local node memory until the Lisk client is being restarted. This is an annoying and sometimes dangerous thing for exchanges which are handling hundreds of transactions daily.

When will the white paper be ready? (lamar)
I will be in Berlin in 5 days. Then I will work with Oliver on a short-term roadmap (for 2016) as soon as possible. The white paper is one of the topics I’d like to handle as soon as possible but unfortunately we don’t have the resources for it at this moment. I can write about a lot of different topics but I can’t contribute a lot to the technical specifications. Oliver is busy pushing out 0.3.2 and 0.4.0. Once again I can only say that once we are in Berlin things will go much smoother and we can work on the white paper together for 1–2 hours every day.

When will more development docs, API specs, sample apps, Youtube development videos, and tips be available? (lamar)
We will definitely hire a DevExp person who is taking care of things like that full time. I estimate that around new year we will see a lot of progress around that topic, before we put work into it we need to change a lot of basic things though. In order to be more economical I don’t want that we do work twice, that means we have to do some basic stuff first which might seem very slow at first, but once these necessary steps are made further progress can come faster down the road.

In what order and timeframe do you plan the next milestones like Stability-/Performance-Improvements, Sidechains, Delegate-Marketplace, Lisk-Bapps/-Services, etc…? (cc001)
The order of the topics you mentioned is exactly how you enumerated them. Despite the topics you named there is so much more in our heads which will be announced at a later stage. It all needs to fit perfectly together and a bit more thinking needs to go into that. It’s something you think and discuss about with your team in the evening hours in your office. For such discussions Berlin will be a game changer.

On Twitter and in a recent Interview, you mentioned that you will be working with Oliver on a shorter roadmap to release. Do you know a ballpark on when that might be released and how far out it will cover (i.e. 3/6/12 months). (Matt/GreXX)
We will work on it between the 6th and the 8th of August when I’m finally in Berlin. It will cover the next 5 months of 2016, so it will be a roadmap for the year. The roadmap will contain information about marketing, development, business development, and conference attendance.
ICO funding

When will you use the ICO funds? (punkrock)
As soon as the gGmbH is founded which usually takes between 3 and 12 weeks. We are currently about 1 week into the process.

… and for what? (cc001)
The ICO funds will pay for the costs which occured in the past months and will pay for everything what will come in the next years. That includes salaries, infrastructure, office space and furniture, marketing, conference attendance and organisation, press releases, software, hardware, legal costs, and everything else which needs to be paid for Lisk. Please note, the ICO funds can’t be used for the creation of the gGmbH which costs 25,000€. This has to be paid by Oliver and me privately.

How much Lisk is left in the advisor fund? (someonsomeone)
809,141.06 LSK. I put a spending cap on this for the first year, it can only go down to a maximum of 500,000 LSK. We estimated that especially during the first year we need a lot more advice then later on, that’s why we spent the majority of it already.

If you have access to the ICO funds, what happens to the Crypti? Any idea or a plan of what you do with the XCR? (polycrypto)
There are currently many ideas in our head, e.g. selling them for much cheaper, distributing them for free to all LSK holders, or burning them. However, I’m not sure how this opens us to legal liabilities, therefore our lawyer would have to check it first. We won’t do a move here for the next 1–2 months.

Is there an update on the hiring process and the jobs that were posted? (MrV)
We are in contact with some of the people who sent us their application. However, with the decision to move to Berlin we decided that we definitely want the super majority of our team sitting in our office. That’s why the hiring process will begin again once we are settled in Berlin.

How active/passive is the role of senior advisors? I remember Charles mentioning that Lisk isn’t so far yet to put his team on it. How far does Lisk need to get? Are there any terms/goals set in place? (someonsomeone)
Steven and Charles have a regular weekly Skype call with us and we can contact them anytime we need them. So in this regard it’s completely passive and we receive their advice only. However, it already happened quite a few times that they are spreading Lisk information on conferences or in their private network. They are quite influential and this is a big advantage for us.
Putting Charles team (IOHK) onto Lisk would mean to just hire a third party development/cryptographic team and let them develop. We don’t want that, we want to develop Lisk in-house. From time to time we might hire IOHK for designing complicated cryptographic models or for solving an extremely difficult problem. At this stage this is not necessary.
For terms/goals please wait for our roadmap.

How many developers are actually working on Lisk full time? Is it only Oliver? Is anyone else besides Oliver moving to Berlin offices? (someonsomeone)
Oliver is the only developer working full time on Lisk, yes. Francois, Isabella, and Ricardo are all hired part time in order to support us while we are moving to the Berlin office. We asked everyone to come with us to Berlin, this is a decision they have to make and I don’t want to state anything regarding that.

Lisk hired Ricardo Ferro as a Tools Developer. What is he doing now in the team? (digitalcurrencyltd)
Ricardo is currently developing a Lisk nano client. It’s an ultra simplistic client which allows users to login to their Lisk account and initiate LSK transactions. The nano client is similar to a lite client and only connects to full clients on the network, that means it doesn’t stay in sync with the blockchain locally. It will be available for Windows and macOS, and as a web client. It’s ready, however CORS needs to be activated in the full client in order to let the nano client work. This will come with 0.3.2.

Is there an estimation of the duration of forming the non-profit organization (and with that accessing ICO funds)? (MrFrismint)
Yes, it usually takes between 3 and 12 weeks. We are in the process for about 1.5 weeks.

What has held up the process of establishing a non-profit organization in Germany so that the the funds can be released from escrow? Is there a concrete timeline for when this will be finalized? (Cointrader83)
What slowed it down was the big amount of tasks our team has to deal with every day, so that we unfortunately can’t exclusively concentrate on one. Another big factor is that the blockchain space is uncharted legal territory and that’s why there are things which need to be taken care of beforehand (e.g. taking care of terrorism, money laundering issues..).

When can we expect an official Lisk lite client endorsed by the Lisk Foundation? Could the lite client currently being worked on by Fixcrypt become the official lite client, or its open source code used in an official lisk client to provide equal functionality? (Mal)
I’m differentiating between a nano, lite, mobile, and full client.
Nano: Provides the minimal feature-set of creating a new account, login to an existing account, and sending/receiving/viewing transactions.
Lite: Provides the same feature-set and design as the full client, without the need to download or sync the blockchain locally.
Mobile: Provides the same feature-set as the lite client, but with an optimised user interface for mobile usage.
Full: Provides every feature the Lisk platform has to offer, the blockchain needs to be downloaded and stay in sync with.
This is all internally laid out and planned, the nano client will be released shortly after 0.3.2. The lite and mobile clients will follow after the rebranding, in order to not do a lot of work twice.
The reasoning behind the nano client is, that anyone should always be able to access and send their LSK tokens, no matter on what device he is. It will be available with simple 1-click-clients on Windows and macOS, and as a web client.
The full client on the other hand is for the more technical sophisticated users, delegates, and developers. That means 95% of our users during the first 12 months.
The lite and mobile clients will bring the Lisk platform to the mainstream devices and will make the handling and installation much more easier. The current UI/UX might be good for a cryptocurrency nowadays, but it’s not good enough for the mainstream crowd in a year. We know exactly what needs to be removed and added to let anyone use the Lisk platform easily.
I think it’s also important to have several independent, third party clients available for Lisk. This fosters decentralization.

Any plans to integrate with wavesplatform? (gpheheise)
Joel: At the moment, there are no current plans to integrate with the Waves platform.

About the so called “Rebranding” can you be more specific? Rebranding of what? Logo? Name? (tharude)
Joel: The rebranding refers to the logo, website and the web client (both mobile and desktop). The name “Lisk” will stay as it is.
Max: We will hire a design agency in Berlin to create an entirely new corporate identity for us; including the logo, website, and various clients, but also business cards, flyers, and a branding/style guide.

Any plans to have the code audited and reviewed? (MrV)
Yes. In the beginning we will very likely hire a cryptographer in-house in order to check the whole platform for security issues. After he did his job we will very likely hire an independent security auditing firm to check it again.
Speaking about the other code; we have a lot of ideas for optimisations and improvements, once we are out of them (which will take a while) we might hire third party consultants (e.g. IOHK) for further code improvement ideas.

How can the community help? (MrV)
The problem with a grass root effort is always, that there are many great ideas but they are coming to nothing. If someone seriously wants to contribute to Lisk in an open source manner (not talking about a blockchain app here) he should contact me and we can brainstorm together where he fits in or how his idea can fit into the bigger picture.

3 seconds, first answer that comes to your head. Which would you support, ETH or ETC? (Matt/GreXX)
I’m staying outside of other projects politics. To still get my opinion about it people have to think about why we love decentralization and blockchain technology.

Has Lisk already an office and if yes, when? (thandie)
I have my office in Aachen for about 31 more hours. In Berlin we will very likely get a services (but private!) office in the beginning, e.g. at WeWork, in order to not waste time on finding a suitable one. Once I’m in Berlin we will have to move much faster than now. We can still hunt for offices in 6–12 months.

Community Meeting Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to the third community meeting!
This time we are doing the meeting a little bit different. The last times I was writing for nearly 1h in the beginning and afterwards we were open for questions. I felt this was too disconnected and maybe even a little bit boring. So this time we are trying out something new. Please note that this time we have a backup chat setup, thanks to our community member @stoner19 we have an IRC channel. So if for whatever reason the Lisk.Chat crashes, you can always go there. Joel and I are both present there.

Simply go to, choose your own username and then type in `` as the channel. As I mentioned above this time we are trying out something new. We published all answers to the questions before hand, you can view them here. I hope you got a chance to read it, so you can continue with the questions during this meeting. I will write a few sentences about the current situation we are in, and then I will simply let you all free and everyone can ask @joel, @isabella, or me questions. I’m glad that today we have three team members present who can also answer questions.
So I acknowledge that the past 6 weeks were rather slow, I wish things would have gone faster/better in terms of development, business setup, and communication. Oliver and I reflected on the situation and how it came to this, and we are now forcing ourselves to get back to the old standard you all deserve.

The conclusion I come to is that we are currently terribly underpowered in terms of man/woman power, we need more employees. However, I’m extremely glad that I will be in Berlin on the 4th. This is a huge move for me, and it was a huge move (or rather immigration) for Oliver. The past months show that Oliver and especially I are rather “classical” guys who need to sit in an office to work on 100% efficiency. Especially when it comes to delegating. It’s nothing bad, we are now adapting ourselves to it. So A LOT is now pending on my move to Berlin, the roadmap, the whitepaper, the hiring, the office, and so on. The first task Oliver and I will take care of is a short-term roadmap for the year 2016, so that you guys know what is coming in the next months. In parallel we will get a serviced private office in order to hire people as fast as possible. The first ones will probably be a marketing guy and developers. Regarding the legal setup, we have everything what is necessary. 25k€ in cash, the charter, and contact to the office for the company registration. Now it’s a back and forth of changing the charter/explaining what we do, until both sides are happy.

We will definitely search for employees before we get access to the ICO funds, we can work with promises here as many of you already suggested in the past. For 1–2 months we can definitely also pay it out of our own pockets without a problem. And then the legal entity should also be setup. So we are on track, after the quiet time our blog is filling up nicely with articles, marketing is getting back on track as well. Exciting times to come. I’m really looking forward to Berlin, as I KNOW that things will move so much faster then. It’s crazy sometimes how dependent things are on others, but I said it already and say it again: Berlin will be a game changer.

Cc001: when will we be able to talk also with oliver in German?
Max: Maybe in 2–3 years? He will be pretty busy in the next months.

Phoenix1969: eta on gGmbH?
Max: I would assume 3–8 weeks. It’s extremely hard to estimate it, as no one ever did that before.

Leonalicious: hi Max, do you think will we be getting enough support if we develop the app based on the SDK available right now?
Max: Unfortunately, until we hired a DevExp guy who can take care of that, support will be rather small. The SDK will change a lot in the next months, it will always be kept backwards compatible as much as possible, however we want to have it as modular as possible.
However, let’s make an appointment and we can see what we can setup here.

Xtar: When you will be able to touch ICO funds?
Max: As soon as we have created the non profit legal entity in Germany. We have sufficient fundings left for now to operate until the end of the year without any problem, but we need the fundings to scale.

Splatters: When the forging will start?
Joel: Forging has already begun. Block rewards should be enabled once Lisk v.0.4.0 comes out, which fixes stability issues within the platform.
Max: With 0.4.0, there is still some work to do. Once 0.3.2 is released I will talk with Oliver and we will put it into our roadmap. So for now I can only say, please wait for about 10 more days.

Santejudean.bogdan: I have some lisk… a lot, what can i do to use them? I mean I know on bitcoin there is mining, I know there is something like forging.. what is this? (totally noob)
Max: You can vote with them in order to chose yourself who is securing the network, you can also register a delegate account. Apart from that there is not MUCH to do on the Lisk mainchain itself, and there won’t ever be. Lisk is a platform for blockchain apps, and once we are at a stage where people can really start working on them (I estimate at the end of the year) then you will see a lot of different apps where you can use the LSK inside of them. At this point I think Lisk will be a platform with more use-cases than any other cryptocurrency ever.

Haggis: in which district of berlin will your office be?
Max: We will probably take an office at WeWork in the beginning, if there is a free office available. (Sony Center) If not, we will look for other, similar options. Personally, later on I want to be in the center (Mitte).

Cc001: will we have such a meeting on regular basis? like every two weeks, switching technical/non-technical meetings?
Joel: Yes, we’re going to commit into performing bi-weekly meetings, switching from a general meeting/technical meeting

Grumlin: What part of budget you plan to set for hiring developers?
Max: As we don’t have access to the money yet, I honestly didn’t think about the exact ratio’s, how much to spend on what etc., yet. I can take care of that once I’m faced with that problem.

Anondran: I mean the holders of Crypti who invested it….If those coins are given out freely…wouldnt they be worthless?
Max: Yes maybe. Or someone who got a lot will take over development and we have another platform which will bring the codebase to another level, which only benefits us all. Also those who still hold XCR tokens.

Forger_of_lisk: do you see nxt and ardor as competition?
Max: No. Childchains are an entirely different concept and won’t be able to compete with Lisk sidechains ever. See this reddit post.

LSK: what will be the length of the first office space contract with WeWork?
Max: This will depend on the size of the office we can get. I don’t want to get into the situation where we have to move within the first 6 months, but I also don’t want to come into the situation where our office space becomes too small. So probably it will be 6 months, with the option to prolong that or switch to a bigger office if one becomes available.

Djselery: Why did you feel it was more important to move, get an office, do PR, and hire advisors, rather than fix a broken code that constantly forks? Shouldn’t that be the focus before everything else?
Max: I’m not writing code, so I can take care of everything else. There was a development break for a few weeks because Oliver was moving with his family to Berlin. Apart from that he (and others) are contributing code on a daily base. And we need this office in order to efficiently hire people and fix the code.
I don’t see Lisk business development in weekly intervals, I rather see it in monthly intervals. I will work on Lisk for a minimum of 5 years, I’m taking care of fundings so we possibly have a lot longer time to develop. So I don’t want to haste everything in the beginning, and in 2 years something seems off because we implemented something wrongly in the beginning. I know that speed is important and that we have to hurry up, but I don’t want to neglect the basics. Oliver and I want to live with Lisk much longer than anyone else in the world, we want to do this 100% correct. We are reflecting very often in order to not repeat past mistakes.

Phinx: Where are you going to store the BAPP source files? SIA or STORJ?
Max: Most probably IPFS, at least in the medium term. Honestly, I would like to see a Lisk based decentralized hosting blockchain app we can natively implement.

RMELO: It may be my lack of information but there is any budget? What amount of investment in marketing? Is there any marketing plan in order to promote Lisk? That’s my concern from this time. Thanks in advance
Max: There is a budget, until now we have spent around 100,000$ on Lisk from our private funds in the past 6 months. Later on this will be ABOUT the budget for 1 month. So things will obviously move much quicker later on.
Investment in marketing is fluctuating, currently we are only running on about 2000$-5000$ a month.
Marketing plan will come with the roadmap in about 10 days.

Grumlin: How much time do you need that fix bug and release 0.3.2?
Max: Probably this weekend and then we can push the version to the testnet. Changes are not critical, so 1–2 days testing should be enough.

LSK: general thinking is that a startup should be as lean as possible to be efficient and focused. what size of team do you think is needed in Berlin to complete the first twelve months of the road map, and what percentage of the team need to be coders?
Max: I agree that a lean startup is a better startup. At the end we still need 1 designer, 1 community manager, 1 marketing manager, CEO, CTO, COO, cryptographer, and developers. So it will very likely grow to 12–15 people at the end. But this is a gradual process, so it will take some time until we get to this point. Will think more about this together with Oliver and our advisers in the coming months.

Meridian602: any comment about BattleChain? viewtopic.php?f=8&t=817
Max: I love it! It’s freaking awesome. If you want to have a chat and talk about your game, please send me an email!

Atreides: Do you intend to have an ecosystem or something similar ethereum has with ConsenSys?I see ConsenSys cery active in lobbying ethereun in the enterprise field,and based on this lobby eth more visible and enterprise are more likely to embrace it.
Max: I don’t want to make a comment about ConsenSys. However, we want to have a platform where everyone can contribute to. We will very likely have similar dev studios like this all over the world. I hope that our delegates will fund these efforts.

Santejudean.bogdan: from the descentr. storage cryptocurrency which one do you think has a long term good behavior, echich one do you prefer/interested in?
Max: I personally know the guys at StorJ, Sia, and IPFS. I think IPFS has huge benefits because it is acting much more like a protocol. However, Sia is developing very similar as what we do. Slowly/gradually/over time, so they have much merit as well. StorJ has an awesome boss (same as IPFS).
So all are awesome. The winner will be the one who can attract developers, that means the one who first will provide the best documentation/api/dev-tools.

TraderBill: Will you have table football in the office? Or do some other type of fun activities in Berlin in order to build bonds among teammates?
Max: I’m more the billiard kind of man, but I suck. Played in Beijing with some dudes and lost all the way.
But yes, we will definitely have a startup like flair in our office. Probably not in the beginning at the serviced office, but once we have our own one, we definitely will have it. TV/PS4/VR, Billiard. I can think about a lot, but this will be a team decision. Not mine.

Meridian602: when Lisk team will get access to ico funds? any ETA?
Max: Already answered that. Probably a week after the legal entity is created. 3–8 weeks, if all things work out good.

LSK: is there a target date for when JS developers will be able to publish their apps to the network?
Max: Everyone can already work on and publish their blockchain applications. It’s all ready, but in alpha state and not stable. But you can already do it. I estimate at the end of the year we can see the first serious blockchain apps.

Polycrypto: If I understood correctly, in two weeks we have a “technical” Community Meeting. Then the other questions will be answered (sidechains, node ett)
Joel: Yup Scheduled for August 13th, enough time for @oliver to tackle technical questions
Max: Yes. There were simply too many questions and we had to split them. Additionally, Oliver needs to focus on the update. It’s more important short term. Priorities..

Phoenix1969: is it possible the ranking system will ever change to weigh more heavily on uptimes and productivity than on account balance?
Max: Yes. Changes to the ranking system or consensus algorithm are possible. But right now, no further plans. This is something we need to design sitting in the same room and over weeks.

Lamar: what you think about bigchaindb?
Max: The founder of BigchainDB (Trent) is awesome. He is one of the nicest guys in the blockchain space and very intelligent. However, I haven’t read their whitepaper and can’t make a proficient statement about their platform. However, I’m definitely looking forward to see more from him. Like IPDB.

LSK: why is the gGmbH taking so long? the blog states that the process is now in week 1.5, but i had the clear impression that thes process started one to two months ago. what’s causing the delay?
Max: The process started two months ago with formulating the charter and checking many background things. Like money laundering or terrorism financing. About 1.5 weeks ago our lawyer got in contact with the registration offices because the charter was finally at a stage where it seems far enough to initiate the registration. Check out the blog post please, I answered that.

Hmachado: Still planning on attending the summit in Lisbon?
Max: Yes.

Meridian602: Does Lisk team have official statement about ETH fork and ETC trading?
Joel: Everyone has their personal opinion, but no official statement.
Max: No statement.

Meridian602: but as a idea? To fork project because of fail of side project smart contract DAO? it was shady move imo and bad when you think about idea of crypto.
Joel: In that regard, no statement also.

LSK: Joel, are you moving to Berlin?
Joel: We’re in talks concerning the move. There is a lot to consider in my case, but I have a positive view in life, so let’s hope I end up in Berlin with the rest of the team
Max: I hope he will.

Vi1son: Do you plan to visit some conferences in the near future?
Max: Check out our team page! At the bottom there is an overview which conferences we attend. WebSummit is not 100% certain yet, that’s why it’s not listed.

Slasheks: Isabella, are the plans / process to stop a centralized snapshot and move that responsibility to the forging delegates?
Isabella: yes there are plans to move away from the centralized snapshot on i don’t know if its the responsibility of the forging delegates, sounds like a good candidate for a blockchain app instead

Anondran: Would the team support a hardfork or a LISK CLASSIC in the future?
Joel: What type of support? A collaboration between developers could be possible. Financial support, not so likely as the ICO funds are strictly for the use of the Lisk platform.

LSK: why no Chrome OS client?
Max: Staying lean, we can’t work on anything/everything. A chrome OS client might be something nice being developed by the community.

Roman: any new exchanges in the next weeks, kraken?
Max: I’m honestly not focusing on the exchanges anymore. We now have a good selection.

Meridian602: can you ask poloniex to let Lisk margin trading?
Max: Once we have pushed out the 0.3.2 update and the broadcasting issue is fixed, we will ask them.

Luiz: can we using Bapp(Blockchain APP ) as the name of Apps on Lisk sidechain ? Eth build Dapp, Lisk build Bapp
Max: Just say app. It should merge with the existing app ecosystem as “just another framework, just much better and secure”. Else it will always be something special and complicated.

Jelly: What about the “security” for the DPoS is going on? Have been the previous forks dangerous? Is it sustainable on a pure DPoS system? What are the risks?
Max: Ok, this is quite technical. So DPoS is sustainable in my opinion. Forks are always dangerous, that’s why our team is working hard on the code. I think for your question we better wait for the technical community meeting in two weeks.

Meridian602: what do you think about Steem? Good project or just more complicated and good looking net type of ponzi ?:)
Max: I honestly don’t care about other projects. They certainly bring some sort of mainstream aspect into this space, but I read many bad things about distribution. I don’t really care.

GreXX: someone asked Elon Musk the other day what the last book he read was and the price for used copies (It’s out of print) went up to like $1,000. It was interesting to see what one of the brightest minds in the world reads in his spare time. So… read anything interesting lately?
Max: Currently I’m reading the autobiography of Richard Branson and the book “The hard thing about hard things”.

GreXX: Awesome, is the Branson one good? He’s obviously had a wild life.
Max: I think it’s awesome. Reading how he nearly died because he set a world record in balloon flying. It certainly describes startups in another time, but it’s still worthwhile. I think the most important facts I learned were that
1. life is an adventure and you should live it like one
2. you should have fun at work
3. you should only do things you are passionate about

Djselery: What influenced your current decision making rather than hiring more core devs?
Max: The thought that we are moving to an office in Berlin. For me I would rather wait another month, instead of hiring people, let them work into the Lisk code base, and then be in Berlin all alone and still have to manage a not so efficent, decentralized team.

Levent: What do you think about Dao?
Max: The DAO is a very interesting concept for decentralized funding and decision making. But I think it’s nothing revolutionary.

LSK: when is the next community meeting?
Joel: August 13th, it’ll be more technical oriented.

Bangomatic: i thought i read somewhere that you would meet with IPFS. Did that happen? and if so how did it go?
Max: Yes, Oliver had an in-depth discussion with them over Skype. Oliver now knows a lot about their platform and this will help a lot to implement it later on into Lisk. We also have good connections to them.

LSK: what happens if the price of BTC crashes?
Max: As soon as we have the money, we will think about hedge options.

Ok guys, thank you for your input. Also thank you for attending the third Lisk community meeting! It was a blast, I think a lot was answered. If you need anything, please contact Joel. He can relay anything to me.

The questions below will be answered in our technical community meeting in two weeks. More information about it will follow soon.

That’s it! These were seriously a lot of question and I know that we have to ramp up our information channels to let you all be more aware what is happening. I will brainstorming about that with Joel.
Joel, Community Manager

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