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Community Meeting - June 11th, 2016

Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:22 pm

Outlined is a summary of our second community meeting.

I welcome everyone to the second official Lisk community meeting in which the Lisk team gives updates about the latest developments in terms of business, code, and marketing. At the end we have a Q/A with prepared questions by the community, this week A LOT were collected.

  • Upcoming China Conference
  • Forging Rewards Status
  • Team Growth Progress
  • Lisk opens up an office in Berlin
  • gGmbH Creation Progress
  • ICO Funds Retrieval Date
Upcoming China Conference
As you all know I will be in China from the 14th until the 26th. I will be in Shanghai until the 19th, and then drive with the train to Beijing. In Shanghai I have a meeting with a very influential Chinese person and try to make a friendly partnership with him. If we can get him on board it would mean a big step forward for Lisk. However, at this point of time it is simply to touch bases. Learn more about each others, I will pitch Lisk and our vision to him. On a personal level he is a great guy and I’m really looking forward to the meeting.

I will also meet up with several Chinese Lisk community members from Shanghai. Be available, make contact points in one of the biggest cities of China. The main reason for China is obviously Beijing. Luiz our awesome Chinese ambassador who is doing A LOT for Lisk at this moment in China, worked on a lot of meetings for Beijing. Luiz delegate is simply called “China” and if you have a vote left you should seriously consider to vote for him.
On the day I will arrive in Beijing I will sit together with Luiz for a long time and he will update me about all his plans and achievements.
At this moment I know the persons I’m going to meet, but I don’t know the exact timetable. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about the persons I’m going to meet. This wouldn’t be a very good strategic decision. After China I will definitely write a big update about all things which happened, and will include as many persons as possible I met.

As you know when I was in Berlin with Oliver, we didn’t update the community 1 day. I will try to come online every day when I’m in China in order to update you guys what is happening. In China I will also attend the following conference: ... eakers.asp

There are awesome people like Roger Ver Jeff Garzik. But also a lot of Chinese personalities which might not be very known in our western world. But indeed have a lot of influence in China. University professors and I think even persons from the Chinese government will attend. In terms of exchanges there will be Huobi, OKcoin, BTCC, Yuanbao, Yunbi, and a lot of others. I will try to speak with every single one of them. However, please note there is no guarantee that we will be listed on any of them. I think showing them what is so great about Lisk and where we are going is a big first step. Making Lisk a name in China is a big step. Until now there was zero promotion from myself in China, everything was done by Luiz. He manages the QQ group with over 1000 people (I think) which is one of the most active cryptocurrency QQ groups in China. There is a lot more going on in China and I hope after I’m back I can present you some nice Chinese initiatives. It’s the first China visit and it will be big. However, Lisk won’t be build in one day. So please don’t hype it up like there is no tomorrow. It will be one of MANY visits to China (and around the globe).

Awesome, that’s all about my China visit. I hope you are looking forward to my tweets from China and the upcoming Chinese report which will be published during the first week in July.

Forging Rewards Status
As you know there is currently an artificial high threshold for the activation of the forging rewards. We did this in order to have more time to stabilize, optimize, and secure the Lisk platform. As it currently stands, we might would have to fight with forking issues when A LOT of delegates are regularly switching delegate spots. Therefore, we have to work a bit more on the code and introduce a proper testnet to test the changes.

We are currently living and breathing Lisk. It’s the topic 24h of our days. So please remember that we put our all into Lisk, therefore we absolutely don’t want that it fails or break. Therefore, we decided to take the safer path. We don’t want to put a $45M network at risk. If it means that we have to wait 6 weeks to activate the forging rewards, then so be it. The first delay was also quickly forgotten, and even if this is not an argument. I believe that this initial beta stage will not be remembered later down the road. It’s just a temporary state of Lisk, which is after all a highly technical, rocket-science, innovative, disruptive technology.
We are working on the issues and they will be resolved. We have the funds, we have the team, and we have the skills to solve them. We are all 100% certain of that. With Charles we also have the possibility to tap into a cryptography group, which might can give valuable input.
So to get more specific. We strongly believe that it won’t take 5 months to fix the problems. The switch will happen much sooner.

Team Growth Progress
Currently, the team consists of the following team members:
  • Max
  • Oliver
  • Joel
  • Isabella
  • Francois
  • Ricardo

And the following advisers:
  • Boris
  • Axel
  • Steven
  • Charles

You may notice “Ricardo” who was not announced yet! We will announce him later today. He is the awesome developer who developed the Lisk paperwallet ( As you see he took self initiative and is now part of our team. We really liked that and we are also very impressed with the code quality he delivers. Therefore, we decided to hire him. First for smaller tasks, and then we will see how it evolves. More information in the blog post later today. That means we now consist of 6 team members and 4 advisers. That’s a lot already for a network which launched about 2 weeks ago. We also received A LOT of applications by front end, back end and app developers, and designers. Initially, we wanted to sort them this week and take a look. However, this week was really crazy. We properly designed our internal processes regarding team communication and management. With the upcoming China and Russia visits I also had a lot to do and prepare. After we announced Steven and Charles as advisers a lot of news outlets were interested in interviews which I’m currently working on. So I will most probably take a look at the applications tomorrow, sort them and review them. Looking forward to it, there were some very interesting individuals.

Lisk opens up an office in Berlin
As an intermediate item between “Team Growth Progress” and “gGmbH Creation Progress” I would like to announce something life changing for Oliver and me! We are moving to Berlin!

After working very efficient for the past 5 months on Lisk, we saw huge potential to get even more efficient by setting up an office. This way we really can work together, discuss new features more easily, and build a dedicated team of core developers around us. This is a big change and we are quite anxious about it! I think it will be great. We reviewed several cities and Berlin was by far the best choice.
  • Awesome city with a HUGE, international startup community.
  • Good pool of employees.
  • Bitcoin meetups with 1500 members and 100 participants on one event.
  • NodeJS meetups with over 1000 members.
  • Good infrastructure to other cities.
  • Cheap (e.g in comparison to London).
I hope that you all see the benefits of moving into an office. We will still have remote workers, because it’s not necessary to have everyone under one roof. However, having Oliver and myself, plus a few core devs in one room. Well, this just means good things. It’s not only a decision for the above reasons. It’s also a personal decision. Oliver and I both have families. Berlin offers so much more than just a good city for startups. It’s also a great city to live in.

gGmbH Creation Progress
I just met Axel this morning in Cologne. For everyone who doesn’t know him, he is our lawyer, legal adviser, and ICO escrow partner. He really helps us a lot That means all profit we might earn in the future, will have to go back into the company which goal is to build, maintain, and promote Lisk.
It also means that we can’t pay ourselves absurdly high salaries. Everything is audited by the state and will be investigated every few years. So this gives you the security that we are not wasting the money or spending it on something else. We have to document very carefully every expenditure, everything has to be for Lisk. This gives as I said the LSK holders the security that we are not reckless or act for our own benefit. Additionally, we don’t have to pay any taxes on the collected BTC.

Please note that the non-profit character requires some sort of an “application” and review process. So it might happen that the state doesn’t accept the non profit character of Lisk. That means we would have to change some internal processes and sentences on the charter. There are a lot of companies, especially frameworks, which act under a non-profit company. So we are pretty certain that the gGmbH will be accepted. I just wanted to mention it.
We think that the last two bullet points, i.e. “Berlin Office” and “gGmbH” will give Lisk the credibility it deserves. We are a real startup and here to stay for many years ahead. Lisk is not something for the next few months, it’s a part of our lives for the next years. We are proud to say that.

ICO Funds Retrieval Date
I mentioned earlier that the non profit company allows us to not pay any taxes on the ICO funds, because the funds will be used for something non profit oriented. With Lisk we offer an open source, decentralized alternative to the other currently available App Stores. We also offer a framework to build blockchain applications and services, which can be stand alone programmes or being implemented into existing apps. Expanding them with blockchain/decentralization technologies.

In terms of the ICO funds that means they have to flow directly into the company itself. I.e. we are not allowed to lay a finger on them for even one second. However, this is not a problem! We have secured enough funds for several months through private (family-related) channels. So rest assured, we have enough money to operate without a problem until the gGmbH is founded.

You can see the results of this in our 6 man/woman strong team, various conference visits around the world, a proper infrastructure for our internal processes, and so on. So everything is going smoothly right now in terms of business development and promotions.

With that we have cleared up all bullet points for the meeting! Thanks to Splatters for providing the community meeting logs!
Below you can see all questions and answers asked by our community members. Please note, due to the huge amount of questions we can’t give a 100% correctness guarantee on the answers.

Fee structure/adaptations
How will the fees be adapted? (cc001)
If the current exchange price stays the same for June we will definitely adjust the fees. I think nearly all fees need a slight adjustment to become cheaper. Especially, the second passphrase. I don’t have final numbers at this moment, feel free to say what you think is fair.

Isn’t 5 LSK too much for a second passphrase? (carsen)
Yes, and no. I think users should be willing to pay $2 for increased security, however I also believe that additional security shouldn’t come with a big price tag. Therefore, we will definitely reduce the fee. Maybe to 1 LSK, I need to check how much space a 2nd passphrase takes on the blockchain.

Should voting cost only 0.1 LSK? (redux)
Votes can be the biggest transaction type at Lisk. That means mathematically it should also be the most expensive one, however I see the discrepancy. I’m not sure if we can decrease it by 10x from a security stand-point. Maybe to 0.5 LSK.

Will we see auto fee reduction when sending money (eg. if your wallet has 10 LSK and you send 10 LSK you need to manually deduct 0.1 and send 9.9 LSK (hoop)?
No, integrating the fee into the actual LSK sent isn’t a good user experience. If people send 10 LSK, they expect that 10 LSK will be received at the other end. Internally, we are currently discussing non-static fee method. E.g. depending on current network load or manually set by the delegates. Especially, we are thinking about introducing a baseline fee for 1 byte, so that all fees on the network have mathematical correctness and are not chosen on a “hunch” alone. In these cases the fee model becomes more complicated, therefore we might introduce a better transaction modal. Which might include the LSK amount to send, the fees, and the final amount which is being deducted from your account.

Delegated Proof of Stake / Algorithm
Charles brought up some interesting points and some concerns with DPoS and the underlying PoS mechanism, as well as political and economic issues that may need to be addressed. These could cause changes to the current algorithm or even the institution of a new consensus model. As he is a major advisor to Max, these will be issues he may look to address. Max, where do you stand in regards to your view of DPoS, it’s possible drawbacks, and any core changes you may want to make to the fundamental way in which this system works? Are you 100% all in with DPoS in the current form, or would you like to build something that is an evolution of the current model? (GreXX)
For now, our focus is definitely not on changing DPoS because it’s working quite good.
However, it’s important to state that delegates play an extremely important role in Lisk’s future. Every delegate will be available on the Lisk network to secure sidechains, and earn money with that. They will be service providers running all kinds of software like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or IPFS. Which the blockchain app might use.

Forging rewards / GenesisDelegate-Replacement
When will the Genesis delegates be replaced? (cc001)
Either once the decentralized network replaces them by collecting enough votes, or once we think that the network is stable enough. In the past week we put a lot of effort into getting the right structures into the Lisk team. That means we set up an internal process management, internal communication channels, a task platform, and so on. Now, we concentrate on fixing issues and move forward with the platform.

When do the Forging rewards start? (cc001)
As soon as the genesis delegates will be replaced in an official way.

Will the number of forging delegates (101) stay the same, or are changes planned or considered? (odsejen)
Changes are definitely being considered. However, at this moment it’s absolutely not necessary. With 101 delegates we could support a much bigger network than Lisk is at this point. I can understand the decentralization concerns, however 101 different individuals is very decentral, if you compare it to other platforms like Bitcoin.

Would you decrease forging rewards or increase number of forging delegates for stimulation of the ecosystem of LISK? (grumlin)
I’m not quite sure I get the question correctly. For now, there are no changes planned for the forging rewards, however if we see heavy manipulation going on, i.e. delegates are just collecting the fees for their own benefit, we might change the numbers.

When is a new testnet started? (cc001)
The testnet should start this weekend, Oliver is currently setting it up.

What will the process look like to test and release new mainnet version? (cc001)
The release circle of new versions will be longer than in the past in order to ensure proper security and quality standards. We will introduce a test driven development, having an open testnet and a private devnet available. We are pushing more frequent updates to the private devnet, and more refined versions to the testnet. After a public testnet stage and the elimination of the occurred bugs, we push the update to the mainnet. I think to properly answer this question we will have to formulate the plan in a blog post. I will talk with Oliver about this.

How to prevent faucet milking? (delegates)
Very, very hard. As far as I know the current faucet already has IP limits, forbids address re-usage, had a captcha. I think manipulation is nearly impossible here, without tracking of past transactions on the blockchain. Therefore, we will most probably only give away small amounts on the faucet in order to test if the account is working properly. If we speak about the testnet, then it doesn’t matter a lot. It can be reset anytime we want, however I don’t know how Oliver wants to maintain the testnet. I.e. keep it running forever or reset it frequently.

How are you going to shuffle delegates on testnet so those who haven’t had the chance to try it out (active delegate) will get their turn? (hoop)
The question is, do we want the testnet to become a delegate playground or should it become a developer testbed? We would have to brainstorm about that.

App contests
When will the next contest be released? (theredhawk)
Before the application platform can be used for commercialized applications it needs a lot of work. However, I think we can start monthly, smaller contests in order to keep the interest going. I will think about it in China and prepare a concept.

When is the whitepaper ready? (lamar)
The whitepaper as it stands is ready. It needs a facelift because we changed quite a bit again, its grammar also need a complete review. I hope we can release it by end of June. China is going to occupy a lot of my time, so it might be delayed by 1–2 weeks. I understand the urgency to release it, so we will work hard on it.

When will be available more development docs, api specs, samples Bapps, youtube development channel, etc.?
This is a continuous process. Once the API is described better and the whitepaper is ready, we can work on more tutorials. We will also hire blockchain app developers who work on the documentation, example apps, and so on.

When will the Lisk Roadmap be presented? (redsn0w/samuray)
Currently, our vision is being manifested. We made a lot of progress in that area and I think we first have to release a vision paper, which describes exactly what we want to build and how long it takes. Then we can work on the roadmap which lists detailed features necessary. Internally, we already have four different stages described which represent different states of Lisk. We first need to finish the whitepaper (early July), then the vision paper (mid July), and then the roadmap (end July).

Will the roadmap consist of brief descriptions of the sidechain apps you intend to have the Lisk Team build? The community has several ideas they would like to move forward with building but we don’t want to be superseded by the official team later down the road or compete directly against one another. Any thoughts on deconflicting our efforts to ensure they don’t overlap? (GreXX)
Do you mean the core apps? The vision paper will describe what we intend to build, yes. These will be called blockchain services which offer different features e.g. identities, reputation, or storage. However, some of these might be 2 years away. So the community can work on similar apps and by being the first on the market, will have a big advantage in comparison to our solution. Additionally, competition is good. If the community also builds a great app for e.g. storage, we might consider to not build it ourselves.

ICO funding
What is LISK’s plan to secure the value of the ICO funds? (still in BTC), especially with the halving coming up. (MrFrismint)
At a certain threshold we may simply convert 70% to USD and have enough to build our vision. At this point of time we have over $8,000,000 in funding. We will closely observe the market and talk with our advisors how to behave. We already checked out hedging services, but even now with the upcoming halving they are quite expensive. So it doesn’t really make sense.

Was the escrow BTC already released to you and how transparent are you going to be with expenditures (hoop)? If not, when will you have access to the ICO funds? (punkrock)
They were not being released at this moment, the funds become available as soon as the non-profit entity is in place. Only then we can be legally certain that we don’t have to pay taxes. We have enough funding to operate for 2–3 months without any problem. We can also get a part of the funds beforehand, what we might do.
We will publish monthly transparency reports as soon as we got access to the money. In these reports we will not list every single item we have used the money on, however we will list the expenditures of different sections (marketing, infrastructure, salaries, etc.). We will also describe how many LSK were distributed in bounties and contests.

When do ico first day rewards bonus will be given?
The first day rewards will be distributed on June, the 19th.

How much Lisk remains unclaimed from the ICO and what are your plans for it? (sonobit)
There are currently about 300,000 LSK unclaimed. All unclaimed LSK remain for at least one year in the account, maybe longer. People paid for them and they don’t belong to us. However, if there will still be unclaimed LSK in about a year they might simply go into the bounty fund.

Did you find new developers to hire? (cc001)
Yes, we hired an awesome tools developer who is working on our ecosystem tools. We will announce him today in a blog post! Stay tuned.

What are the plans to extend the team in general? (cc001)
We initially wanted to review the applications this week. But there were so many and so much to do in general, that we didn’t have the chance until now. I have currently 5 interviews lined up to answer before I fly to China. However, I will try to sort them and put them into our organization platform, so that Oliver and I can review them properly. Then the selection process will start next week. There are definitely some promising applications.

When do you plan to sponsor B-Apps development for bounty? Now team have 4 million LSK for it. (grumlin)
The 4M LSK should stay for a long time, ideally until 1 LSK is worth over $1. We think that we definitely need to polish the whole app platform first, enhance our documentation, and make Lisk as a whole more attractive for developers. At this point we might harm ourselves more than we benefit from an app contest. What we will do is hire blockchain application developers, who will play around with the system, develop example apps, write better documentation, and give us crucial feedback. I believe that this is a better system at this early stage to provide valuable input for us and working app examples for the community.

The sidechain technology was incomplete in the final iteration at Crypti. While we know this has been on the backburner due to the need to focus on the stability of the network, can you give a brief breakdown on where the system currently stands and what kind of timeframe you believe it will take to have a feature complete version that is ready for primetime? (GreXX)
The system currently is at a point at which it is running with basic alpha support for sidechains and blockchain applications. To have a feature complete Lisk ready for big primetime it might take 2 years. However, I assume at the end of this year very serious applications can already be developed. The platform itself evolves incrementally until the point at which it is feature complete, if this even happens at all. I mean software is never finished.

Everybody knows running a node for the main chain is, and could be very profitable. What are the Lisk team plans to make running a sidechain node as attractive as running a main node, and thus supporting newborn Blockchain Apps? (samuray)
This is part of the task for sidechain / app developers. I would assume a global marketplace on which devs and users can rent delegates for all sorts of different applications can be very profitable. As the Lisk team we just try to make this system as easy and scalable as possible in order to support a huge number of sidechains. The more sidechains there are, the more profit delegates will be able to generate. (Because a delegate can secure multiple sidechains)

How will the sidechain marketplace function? Will people be able to rent out Lisk nodes to help support app services? Can current iOS and Android apps be ported to Lisk? (daoist)
You have a delegate marketplace which consists of every active & standby delegate of the network. App developers and their users will be able to rent delegates in order to secure the app. The more delegates are rented the more secure the app is. iOS and Android apps can be ported to Lisk, but I often don’t see a reason to do that. We want to offer blockchain services which will bring decentralized, blockchain-based technologies to normal applications. So that an iOS app can hook into such a Lisk blockchain service and use for example decentralized storage, computation, oracle services, or smart contracts.

Will Lisk really support Sidechain Dapp written in java well ? When will the first wiidely recognized Dapp of Lisk come out? (eastwind_ja)
You probably mean JavaScript. Yes, Lisk really supports apps written in JavaScript and running on sidechains at this moment. It might not be a production ready system, but it is here and it is working. After we have worked on the mainchain stability/security, we will work on sidechain stability/security.
We are a platform, the enabler. I can’t give you an answer on when the first widely recognized “app of Lisk” comes out. This lies in the hand of the developers we try to attract.

Node running
What are the minimum VPS requirements for stable work? (ottobene)
Isabella can probably give the best answers. I think minimum VPS requirements for a mainchain delegate should be 2GB RAM. Lisk isn’t that CPU intensive, 2 cores should be enough.

One of the major concerns at the moment is motivation for the people beyond the top 101 slots to continue to run a server (which builds out the network). Do you have any ideas on ways to incentivize the users ranked in the 102 and beyond positions? (GreXX)
Long-term there will be the mainchain delegates now known as “top/active delegates”, and the others now known as “standby delegates” will offer their node to app/service developers. That means in the Delegate Marketplace every delegate can insert information as:
  • Cost per x blocks
  • Node specifications (RAM, CPU etc.)
  • Location
  • Software running (Ethereum, IPFS, Augur, StorJ, Bitcoin etc.)
Now some Lisk blockchain apps might require a Isle of Man jurisdictation, therefore the app dev can only rent delegates from IoM. Other blockchain apps require a running Bitcoin client, because it is processing BTC payments, therefore the app dev can only rent delegates with a running Bitcoin client / local Bitcoin API. This way delegates will be service providers and they will be paid by the app developer, the app users who want to keep the app running / make them more secure, or by the inbuilt monetization model of the app.
In the end Lisk should become a service cluster for all kinds of blockchain, decentralization, encryption technologies. The Lisk app SDK / platform enables developers to simply integrate / use different technologies and build entirely new types of applications with them. This is extremely important for our “new image”, we are not a rival of Ethereum. Ethereum will be one of many modules Lisk will support. Lisk is some kind of an umbrella platform.

At what point can we expect to have more transactions per block? What is the work status on that? (samuray)
First of all we need to stabilize the network. Currently, it still sometimes happens that a transaction gets stuck in limbo and doesn’t receive any confirmation. Until this is not 100% solves we won’t increase block size. At this moment we can have atleast 25x more traffic and the blocks would still not always be full.

b. What is the current upper limit of transactions per each block? (hoop)
At this moment (Oliver please correct me if I’m wrong) the upper limit of transactions per block is 25. I think this can be heavily increased, but stability is more important right now. We don’t need more capacity at this moment.

Are some European exchanges known to list Lisk (soon)? (cryptoadvisor)
I don’t know and we are not trying to make substantial efforts in that area. We took care that the most known altcoin exchanges support LSK, the next step for me is to make LSK available via FIAT. I am in contact with interested parties and we might see more progress this or next month. However, as you know we distance ourselves from the trading aspect of Lisk as much as possible.

What is the current status of integration of Lisk in again? (very difficult now to buy Lisk with fiat money for non technical users) (cryptoadvisor)
After the ShapeShift hack they became more careful with integrating new technologies. I will get in contact with Erik and ask, how the things are at this moment. However, ShapeShift doesn’t allow (as far as I know) the purchase of coins with FIAT. It’s solely a shifting service.

Any plans to integrate with wavesplatform? (gpheheise)
Not at this moment. I will meet Sasha end of June / early July in Moscow. IF everything works with my visa, I sent the documents for it just yesterday. I don’t know how we could implement them into our platform, I only see an opportunity for them to integrate Lisk. Ideas are welcomed, Sasha is an awesome man.

Would it not be great to have Lisk withdrawals at ATMs? (cryptoadvisor)
Sure, but we can’t do everything. I already talked with one who has an ATM startup, but nothing came out of it. I think ATMs for cryptocurrencies don’t have a big future at this moment, especially because cryptocurrencies don’t want to replace FIAT. At least Lisk isn’t trying to do that. Methods to 1-click-buy LSK via PayPal/VISA/BTC is a lot more useful in my opinion.

Are there any plans to contact ATM companies, which are producing BTC/Altcoin-ATM’s, to ask for a support of LSK? (punkrock)
Already happened in a small degree. I’d like to receive support from the community. If you want to see it please contact the ATM companies and ask them to support LSK. Some might do it. For the next months I didn’t plan anything in that regard.

What are the marketing plans to attract more fresh money to be invested in Lisk? Also non technical users! (cryptoadvisor)
With value the price will grow as well. Therefore, we need to develop our platform. Huge marketing plans which cost a lot and don’t bring us any long-term benefit are not a good choice. We want to consistently build Lisk in a way that it attracts developers on its own. Their apps will then attract non technical users which stay. I think the best marketing strategy is to have a constant flow of news, interviews, updates. I.e. a constant buzz with intermediate spikes as we saw with the recent adviser announcement. Over time the value builds up and the price goes up as well.

What are the marketing plans for Lisk to go out to the street public? A contest, some interesting bounties for general public to spread the word etc.? — BTC is now quite known, ETH not yet … Lisk could be faster known in general public then ETH! (cryptoadvisor)
At first we have to develop the platform to a level at which it makes sense for us to massively spread it. If people would see it now, they might be not impressed. So it will actually harm us if we would do huge marketing stunts at this moment. Give it a few months, then we have much more to show. It’s all about strategy and pin-point marketing, not just pushing everything out as much and as big as possible.

Will the new Website focus mostly on new users or experienced crypto users? (gpheheise)
Neither. The new website will focus on developers who want to build blockchain applications and services. Normal users won’t visit our website; they will visit the websites of the apps/services. They don’t visit the Angular or NodeJS site, they visit the end products. That means the new website will have a lot more technical explanations, live examples, guides, and the use-case for Lisk will be more visible. For normal users we might do another page only for browsing all apps.

How the 101 delegates are protected against lawsuits because of illegal dapps (i.e.: silkroad) ? It was proposed that delegates could decide subscribing or not to specific dapps, when in the roadmap that feature will take place ? more reference here.
This morning I met with Axel and we discussed a few things regarding the Lisk legal entity. I also asked him this question and he needs to do more research to give a proficient answer. He wants to run a delegate, and if he gets into the top 101 Axel can act as some sort of community lawyer to answer these types of questions.
My opinion (I don’t have any legal background) is that sidechains are independent. If you run a delegate and choose not to secure a sidechain then you never download any data from it. That means you shouldn’t be liable for them.
Additionally, Lisk is a decentralized network which should further protect you in these cases. On the Bitcoin blockchain and torrent network is a lot of trash and illegal stuff. As long as you don’t use it, you are not in danger. The same should apply to Lisk.

When can we expect GUI clients for mac/windows/linux? (gpheheise)
They already exist. You probably mean 1-click clients, right? We are currently developing a very simple client which allows users to send LSK around. So that they definitely always have access to their LSK. An easier full client, and later lite client might take a few more months. Once we have ironed out all the issues with the current version, we can relatively quickly provide a wrapper with Electron. I.e. a 1-click client.

Any plans for mobile clients or will mobile be a main focus for the community? (gpheheise)
After the rebranding we will work on mobile clients for iOS and Android. I don’t want to do the same work twice. Also in the beginning it makes relatively little sense to provide a fully fledged mobile client.
However, we will definitely make the current client UI responsive so that everyone can use it on their smartphones. Additionally, we might provide the simple client I mentioned above for mobile users. That should be enough for the coming months, until we rebrand.

Any plans to make community apps official LiskHQ apps? Eg have the community develop clients in a contest and pay the winner for making the official LiskHQ open source client for a platform in LSK. Could save time and effort. (gpheheise)
It’s is extremely important to understand that we have certain standards. We are not trying to push out everything as fast as possible. We know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it right. We don’t want half-finished, not 100% secure, non-corporate design clients of medium quality. We also don’t want multiple solutions for the same problem. We will never announce a community product as an official product, unless we hire the person who did it. People shouldn’t expect that everything is finished tomorrow. It takes time to do things right and Lisk should be seen as a long-term project.
Joel, Community Manager

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