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Community Meeting - October 28th, 2016

Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:45 pm

This upcoming Friday, October 28th, Lisk will be conducting it’s bi-weekly community meeting. For each meeting, a document is created for gathering questions that may be difficult or lengthy to answer during the meeting. The deadline for collecting questions is Wednesday (October 26th). If you believe your question is not difficult, nor lengthy, you may attend the meeting and ask the team to get a direct answer.

Note: The meetings have changed from the usual Saturday gatherings to Friday. We will continue the community meetings on a two-week basis.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, so if you have any detailed questions for us, please submit them to joel, MrV, densmirnov, tharude, cc001, and/or punkrock within Lisk chat, and they will be added to the document. Alternatively, you can also send the questions through e-mail ( During the meeting, the team will address as many questions as possible.

The meeting will take place in our Lisk chat, and will be held on October 28th, 2016 at 6:00 PM (GMT +2).

Community Questions Answered
1. Is there an update on the status of the testnet? What happened, progress on it being resolved, and what caused 0.5.0a to still fail? (MrV)
: We are currently testing Lisk v0.5.0b in our internal developer testnet and make it accessible to the public testnet as soon as it’s ready. Please ask the other questions during our technical meeting.

2. What’s the status of getting to the ICO funds and the legal entity of Lisk? (MrV)
: We’ve made enormous progress in the last few weeks, and have high confidence in the ability to share some major news well before the end of 2016. Our intention is not only to establish Lisk, but to make it a major blockchain technology contributor in the following years.

Therefore, we are now walking along the lines with other blockchain startups. We are establishing a non-profit foundation (“Stiftung”) in Switzerland with the support of a legal firm with vast experience in setting up non-profit blockchain foundations. In the past weeks we made rapid progress and we will update the Lisk community with more information as soon as we can.

3. Any luck finding more developers with the ones you have interviewed lately? (MrV)
: During the last few weeks, we’ve made immense progress interviewing promising candidates. Additionally, we are actively engaging with several interviews on a weekly basis.

In order to get as many promising candidates as possible we are currently following multiple strategies such as working together with a recruitment agency from London which delivers us high-quality candidates every week. We’ve also posted job descriptions to various job sites like or

4. With the new version (0.5.x), has anything changed with node requirements or recommendations? (MrV)
: The client has become more efficient and less memory hungry. I wouldn’t go so far and say we can set the requirements lower, for that more testing is necessary. However, the same node requirements as before should still be valid.

5. Since there has been much discussion about it on chat, so to clear it up for everyone: Is/Was there any bounty for testNet nodes? (MrV)
: Yes, there is a one time bounty for testnet participants. The date for the distribution for the bounty has not been set.

Max: Personally, I think the best time would be once the community forging kicks in.

6. What do you think of Ark?
: We are heavily concentrating on Lisk and there have been many developments over the past month. As mentioned above, Lisk v0.5.0b is currently on the internal developer testnet and will be released to the public testnet very soon. During this month, we released Lisk v0.4.0 to the mainnet, rolled out a bounty program rewarding significant contributors, released Lisk Nano v0.1.1, and announced Joel’s promotion to COO. We have also begun to sponsor the largest Bitcoin meetup in the Western Hemisphere in efforts to promote our project and to encourage hiring of the best developers from around the world.

7. And the possibility of all the Lisk they could control? (MrV)
: We advise everyone to be careful and responsible with their investing decisions.

Community Meeting Transcript
Welcome to our monthly general community meeting. Today with us is Joel, Isabella, and I. We have just updated our blog post with the questions you sent us this week. It took a little bit longer because I’m currently in Aachen. Yesterday, I attended the StartupCon in Cologne which was really nice, it was the second last conference Lisk will attend this year.

Feel free to read it and come back with follow-up questions. The meeting will start in 5 minutes at 6pm. We will directly jump into the Q&A part, so feel free to ask anything you would like to ask.

Someonsomeone: what is your purpose in visiting conferences? Networking, getting investors, developers… ?
: I have many reasons to visit conferences, the reasons shifts from conference to conference, and also over time it changed quite a lot.

Some reasons are:

- Networking (I met nearly every big and important person in the space, most important reason)
- Developers (It was an early effort, but I quickly found out that it didn’t help at all. Every dev on a conference already has a good job)
- Learn to understand the space and know how it ticks. (In January I knew nothing, I learned dramatically much in the past 11 months by attending conferences.)
- Promoting Lisk (People on conferences are multiplicators, by telling them good stuff about Lisk they will tell it to more people.)
- Give Lisk credibility (If people see a face they give a project much more credibility!)

Punkrock: Are you planning to stay in Berlin or will you move to Switzerland?
: Staying in Berlin.

Someonsomeone: How much of the ICO funds have been spent thus far?
: Let me check. Around 300 BTC, most of these obviously were spend at lower prices than right now.

Max: 222 BTC have been refunded to me which came from my personal funds. We created an agreement with the escrow partners for this. We are now operating with the refunded money, and if they get depleted we will initiate a refund again. (If by then the foundation is not established)

Someonsomeone: Thanks. Are the new dev candidates not happy with the pay or are you not happy with them? I thought that Lisk was made with Javascript just because of the fact that there will be a bunch more devs available…
: It’s very difficult to find promising developers for blockchain technology even though we’re actively interviewing developers on a daily basis

Isabella: Like Joel said, its very difficult to find developers in this space. We have the resources and all of that. Finding the people the skillset we need is difficult. Most of the people who have the skills are already employed.

Mcdaddy: Once forging starts community devs will come back and help exactly so maybe hire some short term remote devs and get to crunch time
: Also, there’s a transitional/learning period for any developer that joins us. They will need to get acquainted with the technology behind Lisk before they can begin “developing”

Max: We discussed this very recently and by now this is a very likely possibility. However, you are underestimating the period of time these developers need to get used to the code base.

LSK: Are you trying to recruit at conferences?
: I answered that above. In the beginning we were, but we quickly found out that everyone who goes to these conferences already have a great job/career. Especially within the blockchain space, currently there are only the most talented people in it. That means it’s even harder.

But even on the Angular meetup Joel and I attended few days ago, everyone had a great job already.

Forger_of_lsk: does that mean you are open to remote devs?
: We’re looking into them, but it’s looking like a yes.

Someonsomeone: Ok. One more question from me. Why are deposits and withdrawals not available on Poloniex?
: hat’s been fixed.

Someonsomeone: great. I see it now. Issue a tweet or something about that…
: It was a Polo issue
Joel: They were preforming Maintenance I believe

Someonsomeone: It doesn’t matter whose issue it was, people should get notified that it got fixed
: Yes, I agree that Poloniex should communicate with their traders about the maintenance of their wallets.

wannabe_RoteBaron: do you plan to have a talk at CCC in Hamburg in december?
: Not yet. Do you know anyone there who you can put me in contact with?

Mcdaddy: Is anything lost by switching from ggmbh to switzerland?
: Not that we know of. The experience with the Swiss Gov. has been much better.

Someonsomeone: Is the Stiftung needed to hire new people? Or can you do it before?
: The legal entity is required to move forward as a real company. Else we can’t legally hire employees, approach big companies, and so on.

Someonsomeone: will you be the lsk escrow for Ark?
: No.

A big thank you to everyone who participated our community meeting. It was a lot of fun, like always. :)

At the end I’d like to announce that going forward we will merge the general and technical community meetings into one. The new community meeting will happen once a month. I will publish a blog post about it and we are currently brainstorming how we can make them more engaging. Please expect the weekly summary tomorrow.
Thank you!

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