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Community Meeting - September 23rd, 2016

Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:16 pm

Outlined is a summary of the community meeting.

Welcome everyone to the fifth community meeting. In this blog post you will find the questions posed by the community during the meeting and the answers provided. This time there was a delay in publication from attending conferences in Frankfurt and Shanghai. We apologise for the delay in releasing this transcript.

Refer to this blog post in order to view the Q&A from our last community meeting, conducted on August 27th, 2016.

Community Meeting Transcript

cc001: How is the hiring of new people going?
Max: So we now are in a contractual situation with a recruitment agency recommended by IOHK. They used it and made good experience with them. That’s why we decided to hire them as well in order to concentrate on interviewing and development. Instead of posting job description to websites. We decided to look for one front end and one back end developer to test them out. Depending on the results we will continue with them or look for other options.

I am very optimistic that they are delivering good results. I told them to give me a list of potential employees every Monday. The recruitment agency allows us to concentrate on what we did before, development, polishing the idea, and marketing. The goal is to split the tasks to as many different entities as possible. Same with PR; WachsmanPR is helping us a lot and they are really great. We have an awesome experience with them.

someonesomeone: What does the recruitment agency do exactly?
Max: They are looking for potential candidates. Filter them and only choose the best. Then they will prepare the materials and present them to us. We can then get in contact with the candidates in order to see if they are good fits.

punkrock: Any news from the authorities about approving Lisk as a gGmbH? Can we expect an approval within the next 4 weeks?
Max: Axel sent me the finished gGmbH charter this weekend. There are still some problems as far as I know, but it should went by. I can’t say anything more at this time.

CryptoAdvisor-cad789: You need access to the money.
Max: Yes, if the gGmbH is taking any longer than mid October, we are changing strategies. However, in terms of money we definitely have enough for several months. Even if we would have 10 employees and more spendings.

someonesomeone: Changing strategies to what?
Max: This is yet to discuss, but I think the choice is obvious. However, please wait for the next community meeting for more updates.

Following are a few words about the conference in Shanghai

: It’s been a blast. On Monday I was in Frankfurt to attend a German (but quite important) conference in Frankfurt. It was full with regulators, government people, bankers, central bankers and so on. After a nine hours conference I head straight to the airport to fly to China. Arrived on Tuesday evening and went straight to a bar where many of the conference attendes were meeting. Talked to people from Gatecoin (the new CTO is German and awesome!), Iconomi,, and many more individuals. The next day the final day of the DevCon2 was happening, it was a blast. So many cool projects are being build on Ethereum and I’m so optimistic that this will also happen on Lisk next year.

Currently, a more Chinese oriented conference called the blockchain week, is happening. There are many Chinese investors here and I’m pitching Lisk like crazy. I also had the chance to meet my friends from Crypti, Stas and Boris, who are working on WINGS.

Additionally, I met David Johnston, Erik Voorhees, Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir, Consensys, venture capitalists, many Germans, quite a few Ethereum developers, and so on.

cc001: What’s the general mood about Lisk?
Max: The general mood is very positive. Not many people know about Lisk here, so it’s quite nice to educate people about it. They generally really like it and understand that it has its place. Especially, because you can’t have your own blockchain on Ethereum. Met a few people who want to do an ICO and accept LSK, because they really believe into the ecosystem and want to build blockchain agnostic apps. That means they later would also port over their apps to Lisk. I even heard a few guys talking about our Australian Ambassador, that he does a remarkable job in the local Ethereum meetups to promote Lisk.

To be honest, the mood on conferences is always totally different than in the forums. On the conferences EVERYONE is extremely positive, happy, and interested about the progress. Here are investors, technical persons, and normal dudes. I pitch Lisk different to anyone and the technical persons mostly want to know how it is working with LSK tokens within sidechains.

someonesomeone: So realistically when do you expect sidechains to start working
Max: I expect that Q1 2017 is the time when serious ICOs are starting to pop up. That means around that time everything should run fine.

someonesomeone: You mean serious ICOs for apps on Lisk?[/b]
Max: Yes

someonesomeone: Have you guys talked to the SHIFT guys? Who are porting from ETH to Lisk…
Max: Yes, we are in contact with the SHIFT guys. We offered basic help for general problems and they already came back at us. We will help them when I’m back from China. However, this will only happen if it doesn’t take too much time. Generally the Lisk code base should be easy to understand.

rado: When are we going to be able to build apps on the testnet?
Max: Basically, you can build them now already, they are just not stable because we didn’t touched the code yet. Generally, I would say at the end of this year you can play around with them more

someonesomeone: Will you be using any of the code from Rise? If they ever manage to develop anything that is…
Max: IF they develop something, yes sure. Why not. This is true open source development and I would really like to see it. But until now I saw nothing.

someonesomeone: Cool. So the more people working on or forking Lisk the better?
Max: I agree with that, but only to some extent. If they are not doing good work, then it’s just a split of efforts. People working on non successful forks are not contributing to Lisk at all. That means the effort gets diluted and both projects won’t be as successful together as if every effort would be directed at one.

sgdias: Is there any plan for building an audit team for the apps published in the market place? How delegates can trust an app is not dangerous for the node?
Max: Every app will run in an encapsulated environment. You could even run a harmful app, but it wouldn’t harm your system. It also won’t harm your Lisk account as long as you don’t type in some passphrases directly into the app UI.

cc001: Is this only the goal, or is there already a working prototype with this sandbox thing?
Max: It’s a “goal”.

sgdias: Is it possible writing a dapp for stealing the delegates forging pass phrase?
Max: No. It won’t be possible. We will do some heavy changes, before we announce the app platform as ready.

A warning regarding a possible scam

We received word that an anonymous person is sending emails around asking if they want to be employees for Lisk. Please be cautious. It’s probably a scam, we are not involved in that. They might send you files which are harmful.
Please take a look at the Community Fund. It's an important project!

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