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Yum Lisk Repo

Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:38 pm

Update Fri Sep 2 10:48:47 EDT 2016

>>> Lisk RPM now support main net package <<<

- Since 0.3.3, you can now install lisk main net package with nerigal-repo
- Update between version fully supported config.json

For main net just do as the following

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 yum install lisk

Thank you.

Hi Liskers !

Im happy to announce the first RPM repo for lisk
The repo will be available for lisk test net version 0.3.1

You can now easily install lisk by simply using yum installer on CentOS 7

This package is made for CentOS 7 but i recommend using the minimal install

Here is a simple guide how to use it

1. First run updates

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yum clean all
yum update

2. Make sure you don't have any instance of lisk running, stop everything from lisk
3. Backup your config.json, if you have any
4. Delete old custom installation of lisk
5. Install wget if you haven't already

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yum install wget

6. Download nerigal-relase.rpm package

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wget -O /opt/nerigal-release.rpm

7. Install nerigal-release.rpm :

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cd /opt
yum install ./nerigal-relase.rpm

8. Clean Yum cached data by doing

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yum clean all

9. Now install lisk

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yum install lisk-test

a) lisk-test is the Test net package, Main net Package will come later

10. Now you can just start lisk by doing:

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lisk coldstart

( DO NOT USE bash with this RPM, it will not work, lisk run under system account )

Support Updates !!!
Once you have lisk RPM package installed, to update to future version you will only have to do

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yum clean all
yum update

lisk coldstart


Important Note:
1. Before each install / update, the RPM package create a backup file of the config.json in /opt/backup
2. Lisk RPM package manage dependencies so dont be surprise to see many package being install the firsts time
3. Lisk RPM package install a side package named lisk-wrapper which allow you to start, stop, rebuid, coldstart, lisk from every where in command line
so no more necessary to change directory and do bash <what_ever>
you can just do:

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 lisk stop

4. You have to manually edit the config.json still... this will be auto managed in future release of lisk but for now you have to do it manually

Packages for other distro will come later don't worry

if you have any issues let me know here

Hope this will help you to have a good time with lisk and if you like vote for me !!

if you have any issue please report here

Thank you.
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Re: Yum Lisk Repo

Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:37 pm

Congrats ! I'm very interested to see where this new repo project will go in the future. Keep up your excellent work.
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Re: Yum Lisk Repo

Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:24 pm

I am very interested as well. Good job. I will try to test it out soon.

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Re: Yum Lisk Repo

Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:03 am

Pretty great! Everything worked just fine and smooth! Great work!

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