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Basic Lisk Army Knife Failover install for Newbs

Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:10 am

liskak - Lisk Army Knife - Forging failover and command line lisk by hmachado

To start, just go to your main home user directory and enter the following commands:


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git clone


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curl -sL | sudo -E bash -


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sudo apt-get install -y nodejs


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cd liskak && npm install


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cd src/ && nano liskak.json

and enter your passphrase and be sure "proto" is set to correct
"http" or "https" then Ctrl-X, Y, Enter


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nano liskak_mainnet.json

enter your passphrase AGAIN, and be sure "proto" is set to correct http or https again
then Ctrl-X, Y, Enter


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and enter your node ip info like this: (replacing with your node ip's)
    HOST1="" home node liskak is on. (This ip stays same as written.)
    HOST2="" backup 1 replace ip with yours on these backup ip's
    HOST3="" backup 2 only list as many nodes as you have
    HOST4="" backup 3 make sure if http they have :8000
    HOST5="" You can have as many backups as you want, just list them like I did
    HOST6="" here and don't forget to add them to the line at the bottom
    CONFIG="src/liskak_mainnet.json" If you only have 1 backup, just leave the other host fields blank
    pkill -f $HOST1 -9
    nohup bash -c $CONFIG -f $HOST1 $HOST2 $HOST3 $HOST4 $HOST5 $HOST6 > $LOG_FILE 2>&1&
then Ctrl-X, Y, Enter

*at This point be sure to:
    Remove passphrase from all lisk config.json files (not removing the pass will cause forks)
    and whitelist main host ip liskak is on in all lisk config.jsons of backup/slave servers

and remember to:

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bash reload

on any server you alter the config.json file on in lisk

So now start it:
from the liskak host server directory:

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bash start
starts liskak


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tail -f logs/forgingMain.log
to see the logs (Ctrl-C gets you out of logs)

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pkill -f src/liskak.js -9
to stop liskak

advanced feature(s):

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./ -q
enables broadhash consensus minimums

Delegate hmachado made liskak, please remember to donate. 8858064098621060602L
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Re: Basic Lisk Army Knife Failover install for Newbs

Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:07 am

This is awesome. I want to make a video to show people how to do this.

check out my delegate proposal please. I'ma video maker and I want to continue to explain and promote Lisk


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