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Lisk Development Roadmap

Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:49 pm

Today, we want to take the opportunity to explain the different phases we intend to put Lisk through over the next few years, and the various milestones we want to achieve for our users, developers, and the ecosystem overall. In total, there are 5 phases called: Inception, Resilience, Expansion, Ascent, and Eternity; each with its own milestones, goals, and focus.


1. Mainchain stabilisation
2. Merging Lisk-CLI into the Lisk App SDK
3. Lisk App SDK stabilisation

1. Rebranding
2. Lisk daemon, decoupling the UI from the back end
3. Lisk App SDK modularisation
4. Basic application features
5. Mobile clients
6. Code rewrite

1. Advanced application features
2. Smart contract support
3. Third party technology support

1. Trust-less blockchain applications
2. Security, optimisation, scalability, and possible consensus changes

1. Decentralised Voting Mechanism

Read the full development roadmap on our blog!
Please take a look at the Community Fund. It's an important project!

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