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[05/25/16] 24 hours with Lisk — Statistics

Fri Jun 03, 2016 7:23 am

24 hours with Lisk — Statistics

The first day is over and we want to use this opportunity to showcase some network statistics of the last 24 hours (approximately). We are very happy that the network is enduring the big number of transactions and we will continue to keep an eye on it.


Currently, there are about 350 nodes connected to the Lisk network with the majority of them running on Unix. Other operation systems are popping up sporadically, probably because they are used by traders to send their LSK around.

During the past 24 hours we had 7537 blocks from which 4801 blocks (~63.7%) were not empty. They contained 159,114,990 LSK, i.e. 159% of the total supply. Therefore, every LSK was sent around 1.59 times on average. That means during the past 24h we saw a transaction volume of nearly $42,000,000.


Just one day after launch we already see 268 community delegates. Until now nobody got enough votes to get into the top 101. We are sure that this will happen during the first week, once things have calmed down.


The current price for 1 LSK is approximately 0.00058 LSK/BTC. We are at rank #6 on CoinMarketCap and had a 24h volume of 19,000 BTC or $8,560,000.

Kind regards,

The Lisk Team

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