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[05/23/16] How to access your Lisk account

Tue May 24, 2016 8:09 am

How to access your Lisk account

On May 24 Lisk will launch and many of our ICO participants want to actively trade their LSK. To make the experience as easy as possible, we prepared this guide to help you access your LSK and send them to another address. (After launch!)


1. You have participated in our ICO and validated your passphrase.


2. You need access to the passphrase you generated and validated on the ICO website.


3. Access the Lisk Client

There are two ways access the Lisk client. You can either install it on your computer or use our official Web Login.

Please note that this step is only possible after the Lisk main network launch on May 24!

[*]Local client installation, go in your browser to:
[*]Official Web Login, go in your browser to:


4. Type in your passphrase into the login form and click on SIGN IN.

Make sure you type in one space between every word. At the beginning and end of the passphrase are no spaces allowed.


5. You have now successfully signed into your Lisk account.

Now you have access to all features of the Lisk network. Please make sure that you signed into the correct Lisk address (see left blue box in the navigation bar)!


6. Send LSK to another address.

If you want to send LSK to another address you have to press the SEND button in the top right corner. After you have clicked on the SEND button a modal pops up in which you have to type in the address of the recipient and the LSK amount you want to send. Please be aware of the 0.1 LSK fee associated with every transaction.



That’s it! With this you are ready to send and receive LSK wherever you like. Please take your time and get comfortable with the Lisk user interface to prevent any mistakes.

Kind regards,

Max ... .rf5ph7eao

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