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[05/20/16] ICO Bonuses are now applied to your exchanges!

Fri May 20, 2016 7:43 pm

ICO Bonuses are now applied to your exchanges!

As described in our ICO Terms, there were four different bonus stages during the crowd funding campaign, valid only for BTC participants.

  • First week: 15% bonus
  • Second week: 10% bonus
  • Third week: 5% bonus
  • Fourth week: 0% bonus

Until today, the ICO website displayed LSK estimated amounts calculated with a flat 0% bonus for every ICO participant. After finalizing the weekly ICO bonuses, the ICO website will now display the final LSK amount received per exchange. This means the weekly bonuses are now calculated into your total LSK amount and will be included at the initial distribution in the genesis block.


If you participated in our ICO during the first three weeks you will experience an increase of your LSK. If you participated in the last week you will experience a slight decrease of your LSK.

Simply head over to our ICO Website, visit the “My LISK Keys” page and you will see two different colored boxes. The grey box states the final amount of LSK you will receive, the yellow box states the bonus applied to the final LSK amount.


Please note
  • The grey box states the final amount of LSK you will receive. This means the number represented in the yellow box is already included in the number of the grey box.
  • Bounties and first day rewards will be distributed after launch.
  • On the ICO website the numbers are stated as estimations. This is simply a protection for us, the numbers are final.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Max Kordek, CEO of Lisk ... .rgstkkpki

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