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[05/20/16] Lisk preparing for a successful launch!

Fri May 20, 2016 7:04 pm

Lisk is working together with Transform.PR for a successful launch!

In order to have a successful launch we hired one of the best crypto-currency focused PR companies in the world. Transform.PR already worked together with industry giants like Ethereum, Factom, MaidSafe, and Dash. The company is run by Michael Terpin a serial entrepreneur who co-founded BitAngels in early 2013.


The rough plan is to get Lisk interviews and articles on the following types of press:

1. Mainstream outlets to build up credibility.

2. Crypto-currency outlets to build up momentum.

3. Development & IoT outlets to build up a development community.

The different media outlets mentioned above will provide Lisk with a strong press foundation and make sure that Lisk’s vision gets corresponded throughout the blockchain industry.

Additionally, they are scouting for speaking slots at all kinds of different conferences for Lisk and assisting us in the post-launch strategy.

Kind regards,

Max Kordek ... .8wc5rxs22

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