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[05/19/16] Changing the Lisk Terminology

Fri May 20, 2016 6:48 pm

Changing the Lisk Terminology. Renaming Dapps to Blockchain Apps.

Lisk is all about the blockchain and all about applications. Until today, we agreed and followed commonly used blockchain terms. However, we believe Lisk does not adhere to current industry terms, thus we are creating our own terms. The Lisk main network launch is in close proximity and it’s important to do the changes before it, afterwards it will be much more complicated.


From Decentralized Applications to Blockchain Applications

The name “Dapp” (or dapp, DAPP, DApp or dApp) has always created confusion amongst the people. Barely anyone knows how to write or pronounce it (“dapp” or “dee-app”). Therefore, we have decided to rename the Lisk “decentralized applications” to ”blockchain applications”, or simply ”blockchain apps” or “apps”.

Blockchain apps are modern web-based programs running in their own sidechain in a decentralized way.

From Dapp Store to Applications

We often used the term “Dapp Store” on our website and client but using this term was bringing us dangerously close to Apple’s App Store, and therefore being a risk for trademark violations. Also, the term “Store” does not fit with the image Lisk represents. Blockchain apps are often open source and therefore should be free to purchase. Their monetisation model is rather offering a service which is continuously being paid for (e.g. to send 1 message you need to pay 1 LSK).

Therefore, within the client all blockchain applications are simply listed on the “Applications” page, one can refer to it as the “Lisk Applications Directory”.


From LISK to LSK

Since the beginning of the ICO we have witnessed some confusion about our brand name, is it Lisk or LISK? The platform and ecosystem has always been Lisk, while the currency ticker was LISK. To make it easier for everyone, we decided to rename the currency ticker from LISK to LSK. This way we are also more conform to currency exchanges around the world.

The currency symbol is the same as before: Ⱡ

Please note that you may still see the word “dapp” or “decentralized application” in some places. In the code the changes will be made after launch.

Kind regards,
Max Kordek ... .n0mvyeil2

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