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Introducing #LetsGoLisk - Building the Lisk community

Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:39 am


Hey there! I'm Andrew, and I was the winner of last month's Lisk Banner Contest. I've really enjoyed engaging with the Lisk community, and think that this coin and community has a really bright future. As a result, I'll be launching a campaign called #LETSGOLISK on social media platforms within the next three weeks. With #LETSGOLISK, I'll be assembling a team of coin enthusiasts, community contributors, and content creators to promote and publish engaging content surrounding the Lisk community. We'll be promoting and covering stories related to Lisk day-in and day-out, whether that may be news coverage, developer announcements, or changes in price. Additionally we'd like to feature content created by engaged members of the community in order to benefit both creators and the ecosystem in general. This is all in an attempt to get more cryptocurrency enthusiasts excited and interested in Lisk and its bright future.

The goal here is to initially build promotional accounts on YouTube and Twitter, creating weekly informational videos, and promoting content that's trending in both the world of crypto and Lisk specifically. You can watch our first piece of content to see the style of videos we're aiming for. Quality will go up as we get more content creators and video editors on board.

If you're interested in helping us promote Lisk and put out more videos like the one seen below, donations are highly appreciated! Otherwise, be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated!
Lisk: 14729052993128576072L
Bitcoin: 1Q3xhtc6dryVNuKXtnc4TQDLPBqcgM9nhC


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