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Hi fellow community members! is updated with some nice new additions. We teamed up with Tony from and he is now our main tool developer. Together we believe we can develop awesome tools which can help you with lots of Lisk information. Lisk pending is now fully rebuilt and integrated within It's faster, more user friendly and prettier! We are aiming to be the go-to website for all your Lisk questions and tooling, that's why we've also embedded vekexasia's DPoS Tools and index's delegate monitor. No more several bookmarks for your Lisk management but just one site for everything! Finally, we have a new logo because we believe we can help Lisk to the moon with your help! Keep supporting us the way you do, we are really happy seeing the daily unique visitors growing for the last few weeks (>600 unique visitors per day). If you like our work pease consider voting for joo5ty. Thank you so much!

Upcoming features:
* Forum
* Chat
* Polls
* More tools (suggestions are welcome)

Thank you! Teamwork makes the dream work!

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