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Question about the sidechain concept

Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:21 pm

I’m trying to wrap my head around Lisk sidechains and I keep reaching to the conclusion that at some point a sidechain participant needs to trust someone to some degree and would love to hear more about it! I've read the Medium and the Docs but still can't wrap my head around this specific part.

Imagine someone starts a coin on a Lisk sidechain and has it be a carbon-copy of Bitcoin. With the same consensus system and the same incentive structure for lots of miners to mine the coin. As I understand it currently, someone could do this on Lisk but what I don’t understand is how their sidechain is decentralized. Bitcoin's incentive structure works because the miners know that just by participating, they are securing the system against a 51% attack.

So by having my token on a sidechain that is dependent on another DPoS chain, isn't my whole sidechain dependent on nodes who don't share the incentive structure of my token? By building a PoW chain on a sidechain of a DPoS chain, aren't I weirdly depending on a set of people who aren't participants of my system?

Also, if my sidechain depends on the uptime of a node on the mainnet, how can I say that my sidechain is decentralized? Would there be a system to rent back-up delegates?

Would love to hear your thoughts on these

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Re: Question about the sidechain concept

Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:47 pm

In terms of consensus on the sidechains, I would imagine that developers would be allowed to implement whatever method they would like. In Ethereum you can make your token proof-of-work, and I would hope that the Lisk SDK would allow that level of control as well.

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