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Just a question can anybody explain what broad hash consensus is

Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:37 am

I think i know what is not sure id guess in time with the rest of the show is that some kind of timing thing ? im new just like watching my logs connecting to peers unloading blocks
then of course broad has consensus is just curious its interesting to say the least just to watch the logs of the node running on the network i noticed it changes the broad hash consensus its like 56 % then 100 % just curious what it was is it a timing thing

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Re: Just a question can anybody explain what broad hash consensus is

Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:49 pm

Greetings craigcal56,

Source: ... munication

this section contains the explanation of "Broadhas Consensus", and states the following...

Broadhash Consensus
Broadhash consensus serves a vital function for the Lisk network in order to prevent forks. In the DPoS system, delegates are assigned slots based on timestamp and will attempt to forge a block when the system designates that delegate slot as ready. Broadhash consensus ensures that a majority of available peers agree that it is acceptable to forge.

Broadhash is established as an aggregated rolling hash of the past five blocks present in the database. All peers with the same blocks will produce the same broadhash and propagate that information via the system headers described in section 8.1.

Yes, to answer your question, it is a timing situation but ultimately Broadhash Consensus sounds as a pre-check before a bundle of transactions are put up for the delegates to secure/confirm. so it functions as a mechanism to say "Hey Lisk nodes! is this block safe to be added to the chain" (If I understand it correctly) and once a suitable amount of peers give the thumbs-up, the block is then broadcasted to the network for verification.

Hopefully this helps. :)
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