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LiskSharp - lisk portable library in .Net

Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:09 am

Hi All,

Announcing LiskSharp.

Lisk meets C#.Net

LiskSharp is cross platform library based on Lisk and entirely rewritten in C# without any node.js depedencies. Lisksharp core api is a PCL library. Currently it supports Windows (including windows 8, 10 and windows phone), Linux and Mac, Xamarin mobile.



Native Bip32 Mnuemonic passphrase generation.
Native Lisk Address generation from a given BIP32 Mnuemonic passphrase.
API facade for Lisk public api (/api/*) (complete api)
API facade for Lisk peer level api (/peer/*) (partial)

Lisk api

LiskSharp support 2 apis

Public api (/api/*)
Peer api (/peer/*)

All the api supports both synchronous and asynchronous requests.

public api

LiskSharp supports complete Lisk public api categorized as below.

Accounts (/api/accounts/*)
Blocks (/api/blocks/*)
Delegates (/api/delegates/*)
Loader (/api/loader/*)
Peers (/api/peers/*)
Multisignatures (/api/multisignatures)
Signatures (/api/signatures/*)
Transactions (/api/transactions/*)

Peer api

Lisksharp supports following peer related api. Still under development

Peer list (/peer/list)
Peer blocks (/peer/blocks)
Peer height (/peer/height)
Under development

Peer transaction (/peer/transaction)
Peer blocks common (/peer/blocks/common)
Peer signatures (/peer/signatures)
Peer dapp request (/peer/dapp/request)
Peer dapp message (/peer/dapp/message)

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Re: LiskSharp - lisk portable library in .Net

Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:12 am

Interesting. Is the intention, to replicate the entire Lisk stack in C#?

I have only just found Lisk, and I'm not sure if it will do what I want yet, but JavaScript doesn't excite me much. I prefer a strongly typed language. Reading the Lisk manual, it recommends you don't use bytes as a datatype, due to inefficiencies! That put me right off.

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