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[Lottery] New Year Lisk lottery ! More than 1750 LSK to win

Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:58 pm


This year, Santa Claus will be very generous !

Take part to one of the biggest lottery ever made and try to catch a part of the +1750 LSK.
How to do that ? Nothing's easier, go to

1st prize : 25% of the prize pool
2nd prize : 15% of the prize pool
3rd prize : 10% of the prize pool

Lucky bonuses : we will randomly choose 40 voters which will each win 1% of the prize pool !

Because the new Year must be a great day for everyone in the world, we have decided to share 10% of the prize pool to a charity of your choice !

This lottery is funded by your favourite delegates.
You want to win even more ? Just ask them to donate to the fund !

. - RobinHood pool - Support us !

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