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BAC - Genetic algorithm application and SpiderLisk - Smart nodes system

Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:36 pm

Hi Community!

My name is Sebastian and I am a Developer-DevOps-CloudSpecialist with 8 years of experience in business. I have a plan to create and maintain two projects based on Lisk.

1. BAC Gladiators – A NeuralNetwork/Genetic algorithm competition game between trainers of artificial beeings called BACs (from bacterias)
2. SpiderLisk – A delegate-based system with an automatic node setup based on 3 types of clouds.

a) Azure
b) Amazon
c) Google

BACs are done as a proof of concept (the source code is not yet public but probably will).


Main goal:

Train your BAC to a level that will let it gather more resources than other BACs in an arena per match.



The format of the matchis shaped by the following criteria:

    a certain number of participants
    played on the `server` side
    a betting system
    an offline training feature
    GUI and NonGUI battle simulation

Creatures - BAC

    Modules like Sting ,Color Detector, Scent ,Jaw that can be changed and configured!
    An upduplicable training - every BAC type is unique and cannot be copied. BAC can only evolve!
    Implementation of neural network with genetic algorithm


Ha! Probably some small fee from winners will go to the SpiderLisk and for mainetance of the BAC

and what about SpiderLisk?


A big part of the profits from BAC will go to the SpiderLisk system which will be a delegate with a sharing pool of around 70%.
The rest of 30% will be used for...

Node power...
But not standard one... only this in the best cloud services around the world that will be automatically purchased.

If LISK will enable forging on two or more nodes for the same delegates it will be very helpful.

Has SpiderLisk network something in common with BAC?
Yes - The BAC application will share the p2p power with one of a SpiderLisk's node during a BAC match. (No it won't eat your CPU/GPU power)

More about SpiderLisk in the future, the main goal now is to gamificate a system that will allow me to build these things

How can you help me?


Code: Select all

LSK 4485677623807403185L- prefered :)
BTC 1BRiBZyS6wzRMbcZNegdUs4iJ5n3ZDN5gg - will be converted to LSK ;)
ETH 0xbfabd77C722c9bA2569B54C88121fee72112113F - will be converted to LSK ;)
LTC LSgtRS8RpeXvo1qMapd8cwhuYFQwfDq5He

Every donator will benefit somehow.
- Lowering the fees
- The top X will have the possibility to give BACs type a specific name, not a random one. For example Darth Vaders ;)!!
(names in the gifs can be seen as these strange half-guid hashes).

Donations also help me to start forging (most important stuff!!!!) and increase my tempo.

May the Lisk be with you!


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