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NectarJS : compiling JS in binary and wasm to accelerate Lisk and JS ecosystem

Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:26 pm


I'm Adrien, I started one year ago a very exciting project : NectarJS. It aims to make JS more efficient and versatile by compiling it into binary or WASM. It targets every systems, like Linux, Windows, and soon Mac, and also platforms like Arduino and Raspberry.


You can read the full story here : NectarJS : compiling JavaScript into Native Binaries for Every Platform

And the last story here : Launching a JS compiler : how to deal with strong expectations about NectarJS

Right now, we want to build a strong community and be able to develop as fast as we want the entire compiler, an app/Dapp marketplace, and other fantastic things like that. Once more advanced, we could interact with the LISK ecosystem, lisk-js and more.


You can discover the project here : Discover on Github , and join us on slack here : Join our Slack

All comments are welcomed.

You can help us by contributing with LSK or others cryptos here : Contribute


Thank you for reading,

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